Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Day 29–Poolish

Day 29 - A Smack of Yeast

Canon 450D; Tamron 18-270 @169mm; f6.3; ISO 200; 1/30 sec

It is a cloudy and rainy day, although the temperature is hovering close to 60F. Break out the shorts and the drinks with the little umbrellas!

It just seemed like a day to bake some bread.

It helps to give me some motivation to get the laundry done.

And yes, poolish is a real term. It comes from the French, the word “poolish” meaning Polish. The technique evidently was taught to the French by the Polish. It just means that you mix together an equal amount of flour and water, along with a bit of yeast, and let it sit and ferment for a bit. Up to 15 hours if you so choose. And then you add the remaining flour and water and some more yeast and salt to make bread dough. Your bread making will never be the same.

That is your new word for the day.

You can thank me later.


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