Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Can We Just Skip January?

It isn’t that January isn’t a deserving month in the calendar. It is as deserving of love and adulation as June or August.

I don’t have anything PERSONAL against January.

I would just like to skip it thankyouverymuch. Skip right over it and go on to February.

Of all the months of the year January seems to be the hardest for me. Maybe it is because November and December are so very, very busy. Chock full of family, friends, parties, food, more food. You get the picture. And then comes January. January, oh January why must you be so cruel.

January arrives all happy and full of sparkle and my energy level and my mojo to get anything done pack up their bags and head to Cabo or Florida or someplace warm, leaving me here to struggle to get anything meaningful accomplished. And that is SO not something that I need right now as my office is a disaster, certain areas of the basement are a disaster, I have work to do, I have reading to do, I have cleaning to do.

And we won’t even TALK about how difficult it is to get up in the morning and think about the fact that I have to put on warm clothes, wool socks, boots and YakTrax and run out the door at 6:45a to go and walk the lake. Even though the sunrise was beautiful today.

All I really would like to do is to sit and watch re-runs of Star Trek on Netflix.

Can we just skip over January?


Oh Alpha I will help you. I have cleaned the kitchen floor with my very wet tongue just so that you don’t have to.

Can I have a treat?

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