Monday, January 14, 2013

My Sticktoitiveness Has Gone A Walkin’

Today is one of those days. Do you have those days? You know the ones where you have so much to do and all those things that just really need to be done crowd around you and try to get your attention. They stare at you like the dog who wants to go out for the TEN THOUSANDTH TIME today. They will not be ignored no matter how hard you try.

Yes, one of those days.

I don’t like those days. Not one little bit. I hate the feeling of being all scattered and out of control and crazy. It reminds me of some of the worst times in my life when I couldn’t find control or organization if it came up and smacked me in the face and challenged me to a duel. This is how scattered I am today. In the few minutes that have elapsed since I started putting words to digital paper I have stopped writing this blog post to go and read a post on the Boston Globes “Big Picture” website thereby leading to a moment of angst that I am a terrible photographer and should just chuck it all and have a candy bar and a beer. After all it is 5 o’clock SOMEWHERE. Then I went and read an article on Digital Photography School’s website. And then I entered a book on Goodreads and played around with my different catagories. And then I got up and got water. And then I came back in my office and moved stuff around on my desk to try and fool my brain into thinking that I had been really productive (didn’t work). And then I sat back down and tried to get my brain to stop spinning.

These kinds of days are not all that good for me because I end up starting and stopping and starting and stopping projects and I don’t REALLY ever get anything done. The list of things that SHOULD get done today is really long. And I am not getting ANY of it done. I have started but not COMPLETED about 5 projects already and I am not placing ANY bets that I will get ANY of them done.

Does it feel like I am using TOO MANY CAPITAL LETTERS TODAY?

I think my brain is just shouting so loudly to me that my fingers can’t stand the strain and keep inserting CAPITAL LETTERS when I least EXPECT It.

See what I mean.

You know what else happens on days like this? Besides the fact that I am now writing a blog post that will have the rambling qualities of a Golden Globes speech by Jodie Foster. I will eat too many things with too little nutritional value. Thank goodness we don’t keep all that many snacks in the house. If there was a bag of potato chips available I would be all over it like Democrats on gun control legislation. Unfortunately no potato chips in the house doesn’t mean that we are a totally snack free zone…there are cookies….and I know where they are.

Maybe I just need to chuck it all, make another cup of nice strong coffee and go read a book.

Oh yes, THAT’S what I need…..more caffeine.


  1. Maybe you're distracted, but you still put out a great post. Too funny! And I can definitely relate!

  2. I hope today is a little bit less distracted for you =)
    Your post is funny... sorry to say but it is...


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