Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Semi-Wordless Wednesday AND Day 15–Way Too Early!

Day 15 - Way Too Early
Canon 450D; Tamron 18-270mm @ 76mm; ISO 100; f5.6; 1/40 sec; VC off

I am immersed in a project at the moment so I am going to cheat and combine Semi-Wordless Wednesday AND the 365 Project.

No, no I am NOT cheating….”I am just changing the conditions of the test”.

Can anyone guess which movie that quote comes from? Anyone? Cartoon Girl?


I may have veered off course here somehow. At any rate…..my daffodils in the back garden are already sticking their little green tops up almost TWO inches out of the ground. Oh it is WAY too early for that my little ones. The next big snow dump, and you know there will be one, will be such a rude shock for them. Thank goodness they are hardy little buggers because there is certainly a great deal of Winter left here in the Frozen Northeast Ohio. The temperature on Sunday was 62F when I arose….this morning it was a blistering 28F. Lovely. The morning walk around the lake was, shall we say, brisk.

Oh yes, and the reason why I have so many daffodils and nary a tulip planted anywhere……the four legged foragers from the woods the deer. They won’t go near the daffodils. At least that is one plant that I don’t have to spray.

EDIT: Yes, I just realized, right after I hit "Post", that it is actually TUESDAY and not WEDNESDAY. Dang my 52 year old brain. So tomorrow you will get Tuesday's post rather than Semi-Wordless Wednesday. That will keep you on your toes!


  1. Not a bad idea combining the two...but isn't it only Tuesday? :)

    1. YES! See edit above. Darn this 52 year old brain of mine and having it focused on another project at the moment. I must remind myself NOT to blog in haste.


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