Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Rainy Stream of Consciousness

It is a gloomy day here at Chez Knit.



I really shouldn’t complain. I know I shouldn’t. I mean it is 56F at the moment which, here in the Frozen Northeast Ohio in January is sort of like a heat wave in the middle of July. I keep thinking I should put on shorts and go and sit in the sun.

If there was any sun that is.

Which there isn’t at the moment.

And it has started to rain.

But that doesn’t bother me as we all know because I live for rain. I thrive on rain. And I actually have the window open at the moment. You know, the one right beside my office chair. Even though the damp air that is pouring through the window is quickly making my crazy mane of hair look like something straight out of the Bride of Frankenstein.

It is on days like this that I really want to just chuck everything for the whole day and read a book like when I was little. Little and had nary a care in the world. And my mother did my laundry for me…and cooked all my meals. But she didn’t clean my room.

Although I know that she desperately wished that she could. But she would just quietly close the door to my room and hope that nothing organically threatening was growing in there. Sort of like I used to do when Cartoon Girl was growing up.

Did I leave the track here? Did I have a point? I know I did when I sat down but now for the life of me I can’t remember where I was going.

Oh yes. Oh how I wish I could just sit all day and read a book. You know, I think that is the one thing that I really resent about adulthood, the thought that it isn’t a legitimate use of my time to sit and read a book for hours on end. I suppose that is just a self imposed thing that is resident in the overcrowded recesses of my brain. I could sit and read a book all day if I wanted to.

Dang it I WILL sit and read a book all day and not feel guilty about it.

But if someone could come over and finish the laundry and make the rolls for tonight’s BBQ Pork sandwiches with Cole Slaw I would really appreciate it. Oh, and you could also put the vacuum cleaner away too cuz I sort of left it in the middle of the dining room floor and it might continue to reside there for a few more days if you don’t. I have a great capacity to walk past it for days on end and ignore it.

And another thing, if you could finish cleaning off my desk and weave in the ends for sock #1 of my Debbie’s Psychotically Colored Socks (the name keeps changing) then that would be good.2013-01-28 19.37.54

Oh all those ends to be woven in just make my head hurt.

I should also cast on that pair of socks for HHBL. That would then make, ummmm, like 6 things on the needles. That isn’t too many is it?

And the sheets need to be put back on the bed. But not before HHBL and I turn the mattress when he gets home.

Maybe I will read a book tomorrow.



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