Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012: A Knitting Review

You can give a big sigh of relief as I think this is the last “review” post that I am going to do. It will be time to look ahead and cast on something big for 2013.

Eggs and Bacon

Eggs and Bacon!!! I actually crocheted two of these scarves this year. This isn’t technically “knitting” but it is playing with fiber.

This year was actually a slow one as far as knitting socks is concerned. I believe I only did six pair!! And I forgot to take pictures of one of the pair.

Fibbinoci 1


Fruit Stipes

Fruit Stripes!


Basic Trekkers

Left Overs

Left Overs

Spiraling Down

Spiraling Down

There was some baby knitting going on over the course of the year. None of these are for MY grandchildren mind you because I don’t HAVE any of those yet. Can you imagine what I am going to be like, knitting wise, when I do.

IMG_0222IMG_0223IMG_6274IMG_6276IMG_6449 - CopyIMG_7527smIMG_7665IMG_7670

I also fed my obsession with knitting lace. Really I could knit lace every day and be very, very happy. I am not sure why but I find it the most relaxing of all the knitting I do. I am not sure why but there it is.


Traveling Woman


No Bonnie You Can’t Have It!


Putting the Dane in Danish

There were also various scarves and cowls that were produced….but only in the colder months of the year. Who wants to knit a scarf when it is blazing hot outside!!IMG_0216IMG_1673IMG_1678IMG_1836

There were various hats and mittens that appeared at intervals. Remember, your head is the place where you lose the most heat in the winter time!!IMG_1840IMG_1885IMG_5588IMG_5589IMG_6041TSiL 2012 oops

 Yes, in case you were wondering, this hat turned out a “tad” big. It was for TSiL but I took it back and will wear it myself and knit him another one that is a bit smaller.


The camera needed a strap so I knit one. Why not. The only thing wrong with it is that it is made of wool and on a really hot day it isn’t all that comfortable to have around your neck.

Kelsey 2Matt 1

And then there were a few Christmas stockings. I also did one for Slim Jim but I did it in a hurry and it isn’t my best work so I am going to re-do it when I have time. I didn’t take a picture of it because it makes me crazy when the knitting isn’t up to what I want.

Competitive over achiever? Who me?


So I think that is just about everything that I knit this year. Maybe. OR at least it is everything that I remember knitting. Thank goodness for Ravelry or I wouldn’t remember any of this or what year that it actually goes in.


  1. I'm kind of speechless at the sheer volume of knitting you did in 2012, not to mention how beautifully knitted (and crocheted!) all of it is! Wow!

  2. You are one amazingly talented and productive woman! Your creations are gorgeous!


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