Friday, October 1, 2010

7 Quick Takes (Vol 87)


Greetings from the Frozen Northeast Ohio where we are preparing for the winter that will inevitably show up on our doorstep sooner than we would like. While I am out putting in provisions and stacking wood you can read my Quick Takes and then go over to Conversion Diary and read what everyone else has been doing.

This time of year I just feel overwhelmed, drowning, covered…….in dog hair. Max is shedding like nobody’s business and it is hard to keep up. As HHBL said the other day, “He is producing dog hair tumbleweeds”. I furminate him all the time and yet it keeps coming and coming and coming.

And it isn’t just hair, it is tufts of hair. Where does it all come from? Please make it stop!!!

I have spent most of the week looking for one stupid box in the basement. I just wanted to find my box of DVDs. That was all I wanted. I knew I had seen it. In fact I had gotten some DVDs out of it. But all of a sudden it was no where to be found.

I hate to lose anything. It rarely happens and when it does it drives me bonkers. I moved boxes. I cleaned out boxes. I re-labeled boxes. Nada. Nothing.

Doggonit! Where is that box.

And then I moved this back warmer massager thing that we have. And the box was under that. HA! And now I know exactly where they are and I won’t have to go through this agony again. At least not with the DVDs.

Of course the up side to this is that it forced me to go through a bunch of boxes and get rid of a bunch of stuff that I haven’t missed in 9 months. If I haven’t used it in 9 months then I most likely will never use it.

I have seen the Bald Eagle twice this week when walking. I am telling you that it is just the coolest thing.

On Wednesday it was really foggy during our morning walk and he literally glided out of the mist right above our heads. I may have to take my camera with me to see if I can get a picture.

Don’t panic but Christmas is 12 weeks away. I have so much to do!!!

I will not panic, I will not panic, I will not panic.

I think that they have finally finished repaving our street. A street, I might add, that did not need to be repaved. It took them about 10 days in total between scraping off the old and laying down the new and all the other stuff in between. And they didn’t do any of the side streets in the development (there aren’t that many, just 3).

My guess is that our street was “on the schedule” and so it was repaved, whether it needed it or not.

My taxes dollars being wasted at work.

Today is October 1st. That usually means that I will be turning on the heat this week. However, I had to turn on the heat last week as it went from being in the 90’s to being in the 50’s and 60’s during the day and the 40’s at night. That must be why I have had a low level head ache all week.

And the change in temperature also means that I will soon be putting the flannel sheets on the bed. Oh I love them so. Flannel sheets are so wonderful. If you have to get out of bed in the middle of the night they retain your body heat so that when you get back in it is still warm.


And also, because this is Octoberfest that means that it is the official start of……


I didn’t know about this lovely thing last year or I would have participated. Of course that means that I will be knitting socks.

Which won’t really be different from any other time of the year actually because I usually have at least 2 pairs of socks on the needles at any one time. I have no idea why I have an obsession with knitting socks but I do. I am currently knitting a pair with some Malabrigo sock yarn. Oh they are going to be lovely and lacey and I can hardly wait to wear them.

I am sure that I will be blogging about it. Try not to get too excited.

Simple pleasures my friends. Simple pleasures.


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