Monday, October 18, 2010

Oh The Agony

Friday October 15, 2010.

A death has occurred here at Chez Knit.

A cry of agony echoed across the kitchen landscape.

My French Press broke.


I was going about my day. Not hurting anyone. Totally unaware. Secure in my world. Cleaning my kitchen. Emptying my dish washer.

Take French Press out of dish washer. And yes you can put the French Press in the dishwasher, you just need to put it on the upper rack.

Put it on counter.

Hear ominous and tell tale dull “thunk” sound that is characteristic of cracked glass.

What was that? That sounded like something that has a crack in it.

Turn around to look closer at the French Press………

IMG_9229AIs that a crack? It can’t be a crack!! It is 5p on a Friday and I can’t go out and get a new French Press before tomorrow morning. In fact, I can’t get out to get a new one until Monday. May be in is just a scratch or something. Yeah. Yeah that’s it. A scratch.

 IMG_9230BNo, no that doesn’t look like a scratch unfortunately. And when I pressed on the glass I could feel it shift. That is definitely not good.

IMG_9232B Cracked glass and hot water do not good coffee make.

I just stood there for a time. Thinking about the disaster. Wondering how I was going to manage. What could I do? I could go out early on Saturday morning to get coffee at McD’s house. But really, I didn’t want to venture out in the dark much as I love my morning Joe.

So I had to settle for grinding coffee and using the Keurig. It was OK but it wasn’t great and it definitely wasn’t hot enough and there definitely wasn’t enough of it.

But thank goodness I will be able to go out today to get a new one.

Otherwise things might be really bad around here.

Of course I had to memorialize it with a short poem

My French Press it is broken.
My heart is full of woe.
So I've had to find another way.
To make my morning Joe.

The services will be later this week. I will let you know.


  1. The crack really DOES look like an evil smile! Just like the Grinch's!

  2. Do we send coffee beans in lieu of flowers?

    Looking forward to photos of your new French Press.

  3. It could be worse.

    That's my mantra after 2 winters ago when the snow was up to my butt, no power, so no lights. No coffee in the morning was nothing.

  4. I'm unenlightened enough to not know what a French press is...the only things coming to mind are French tip nails and a full-court pres. :-)

  5. How very sad!
    Well, hope I can cheer you up by telling you that my Bug pulled your name out of the bag to win the earrings I was giving away (thanks for your insights, btw). I just need you to email me your address--you can email to and I will pop the earrings in the mail to you! :)

  6. @Cindy - Coffee beans are always appreciated in time of deep bereavement.

    @Tamara- A French Press is used to make coffee. Grounds at bottom, hot water over all, stir and let sit. Then strain out grounds.

    @Kathy - I won???? I am soooooo excited. I just emailed you.

  7. p.s. Debbie, I tagged you at my blog to answer some questions if you're up to it.

  8. Dude, get off the sadness kick. You owed me the tag your it post days ago. Snap out of the funk and get with the program. Should I duck yet? :)

  9. You need to teach me about coffee and french presses. I love coffee but I don't know anything about different kinds and I don't think I've ever had it made with a french press. I have a coffee maker. Is that bad?!


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