Saturday, October 16, 2010

Girding My Loins

It is Fall.

I live in semi-rural area.

My house sits in the woods.



Leaves=a pain in my backside come Fall

This what what HHBL and I will be dealing with this afternoon after the neighborhood get together…..

IMG_9212A Leaves

Oh sure, they are all pretty and lovely and beautiful.

If they are on someone else’s lawn that is. But on our lawn they are just a pain in my backside….and my legs…..and my arms.

IMG_9213A And this isn’t even all of them. I would guess that we will be blowing leaves off the lawn at least two more times before the end of the leaf season.

IMG_9215A The good thing is that we will just blow them off into the woods where they will go all back to nature. Of course, if we have a really windy day then we might see some of them re-enter the no leaf zone but that can be handled.

Thank goodness for leaf blowers!!

Don’t you just love using a leaf blower. It gives me such a sense of power and authority to make those leaves do what I tell them.

I am more like my father than I want to admit.

IMG_9219A Alpha Male I am ready to keep you safe while you blow leaves! I shall bark at all things in the yard and on the street and in the woods and in the town and in the state and at the leaf blower and at the squirrels…..


IMG_9227BScratch me oh Alpha Male. I love you.

This is just about the only way that I can get Max to hold still for a picture. He just doesn’t like to look at the camera. So you have to bribe him.

But you definitely don’t have to bribe him to go outside.


  1. I hear and feel your pain. We're in the same situation, just a few weeks behind you. We bought our house in late August and moved in at the end of October, just in time to take care of carpet after carpet of maple, oak and poplar leaves. Thank you, oh mighty leaf blower.

  2. Aren't dogs funny? When we were kids we had a rescue mutt who was wonderful with us as kids. When we posed for pictures we always included him. But that dog, otherwise handsome, always looked embarrassed to be in front of a camera.
    The leaves? Mow 'em. That's how we do our little bitty tiny lawn.

  3. If you really want to feel the power, get a Stihl Backpack blower like the one we have at the cottage. It makes quick work of leaves . . . wet or dry.

  4. @Donald - you know, I think I a picture of you in scrub suit, eye protection and wearing that very back pack blower. Leaves fear you.

  5. Me at the first picture: Oh but they look so pretty! How could you not love every minute of them?

    Me at the second picture: Holy Shit.


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