Thursday, October 7, 2010

Turning Pages

DSCN2914This is what I am doing today. I am reading a book. Well, I am not reading a book in the photo but you get my meaning.

And I don’t have a bottle of orange pop but I really wish that I did because orange pop is one of my favorites.

And speaking of one of my favorites, that dress that I am wearing was one. I think Grandma Amsler made it for me. It had a big strawberry on the front of it.

One of the things that I don’t like about being an adult is that I have a very hard time giving myself permission to just sit and read for most of a day. Ask the parental units, I earned my nickname “Bookworm”. Believe me. But sometimes I just have to have a day where I sit and read and today is it.

Of course, today the sun comes out for the first time in about a week. But I am still going to sit in the sun room and read.

DSCN2851Of course, I don’t have my beloved red chair available at the moment to curl up in. But I am about to raise my hand in defiance again and bring it back in from the garage. The stagers aren’t the boss of me!!!


  1. Life is too stressful and too short to not take a whole day to read if you want to! I give you permission. If anyone has a problem with that, you tell them to talk to me and I'll set them straight! lol

    Same goes for those stagers after you bring the red chair back in the hosue. :)

  2. I recall that the first photo was taken by DSA during a trip to the Museum of Transportation in St. Louis, while we were visiting with DWA and EMA in Greenville, IL.

    The second photo was taken of DSA upon the long-ago occasion of his 16th birthday in 1954, sitting in the legendary chair made by furniture craftsman Karl Eigenmann, who was a parishioner in DWA's church in Milwaukee, WI. Should you so choose, the chair could be restored to a like-new condition by a skilled workman. Unfortunately, not so with the individual pictured sitting in the chair . . . at least not in this world

  3. I love days when I can stay in bed or sit in my comfy chair and read for hours!

  4. You've gotten all inspired now to read now. I wonder if my hammock (currently, my favorite place in the whole wide world) will be dry enough to lie in tomorrow ... in the rare sunny day that's expected. Man, that sounds nice after the day I've had today! Maybe I could justify just a little while in it. Sigh.

  5. I love orange pop too. I also like grape nehi. Stewart's makes orange pop and it's available in my local grocery. There's even diet. It's expensive though; about $1.50 a bottle.

  6. You are adorable. Enjoy your beautiful sunny day!

  7. I have not sat down to read lately, I have no idea why. I really should.

    totally off topic here... but I really do think subaru is a cult. There are some crazy subaru groupies and meet-ups around here! Oh but i do love my car and the way it drives :)


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