Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Saturday Evening Blog Post (Vol 5, I think)

Sat Eve

Hey All. I know, it is Saturday and I am actually posting something!!

Try not to have a heart attack or anything.

Once a month Elizabeth Esther hosts what she calls “The Saturday Evening Blog Post”. It is a blog carnival where you can post your favorite blog post that you have written in the past month. I usually participate but sometimes I forget to do the reciprocal blog post over here.

I am a bear of very little brain sometimes.

But today I remembered!! But it is hard to pick my favorite because, you know, I am so brilliantly witty and erudite with all my posts.

Too heavy handed?


Remember to click on the picture above to zip over to EE’s blog to see what everyone else has decided.

So my favorite post of mine from the month of September would be this one.

What I Wish I Had Known At 17

And if I had the time I would put an addendum to that post in light of the suicide of the young Rutgers college student this week. What I would say is this, that EVERYTHING that you put out onto the internet never goes away. Even if you think you have deleted it it is cached somewhere. If you are putting up things now that are going to embarrass you when you go to get a job then you need to stop. If you think that only your friends are going to see the video of the stupid or possibly illegal things that you are doing….you are so very wrong. If you are posting or streaming a video that is going to embarrass someone but you think that just a few friends are going to see it….you are so very wrong. That “sexy” picture of yourself that you sent to a boyfriend is going to come back to haunt you. If you are angry at someone and you blast them via FB, Twitter, blog post or email you cannot have an expectation of privacy. Just because you are sitting in front of a computer screen you should have NO expectation of privacy.

I am stepping down off my soap box now.

And I think I will add that to my previous post.


  1. You are so right.

    One time I had a naughty picture of myself and sent it to a guy I knew. Then I was on line under another name and he was talking to me and sent me a picture of his gf who was not me, but the picture was the one of me.

    He never understood why I would never talk to him again. At least it didn't have my face in the picture! So yeah, some portion of my naked body is online somewhere. It's kind of funny really but YIKES!

  2. The suicide was so tragic. I used it as an opportunity to remind my son about being careful what he posts of himself online and to also be wary of what others might do without his permission.


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