Monday, October 25, 2010

Pictures From The Crypt Redux Again

I have Blog Block today. I have nothing witty or insightful or retweetable to say at the moment. Perhaps it is because I have been on the phone a lot today and used up all my words.

Stop laughing it could happen you know!

So, as a fall back blog post I will pull out some more Pictures From the Crypt to amuse you and give you insight. We could all use a bit of insight.

You didn’t REALLY think that I was done with Pictures From the Crypt did you?

Silly you.

DSCN2183A cozy family picture, including the cat. But the question is…..why is Keith in the picture with us? He is the young man NOT holding the cat. And how long did it take me to get my hair to flip up like that. And really, the big question is…

Why would I WANT to have my hair flip up like that?

DSCN2204This was my room growing up. I believe that I had a slight Charles Schultz complex. Perhaps over identification with Charlie Brown?

DSCN2195I just don’t know what to say about this picture or that jacket other than to apologize for inflicting it upon you.

But I really did love that jacket. It was red.

DSCN2241Boy I sure do look like I am having fun. Remind me again who is buried in Grant’s tomb?

And I have to admit that I think this is the trip that my mother had to bribe be to get me to go with my grandparents.

I am so ashamed.

But I scored a sweet Lord of the Rings Poster and a set of Narnia books out of it. Bless my mercenary little heart.

image 2010-5-13 0008 Oh the pain and agony that this picture brings. Evidently I had very little idea of hair care at that point in life. I am surprised that they even got me to smile.

Deb and drippy spongeEven at a young age I rebelled at cleaning the kitchen.

And get a load of the droopy drawers. Of course there could be “a load” in them if you know what I mean. I am not above drastic measures to get out of cleaning.

In the Dirt Nov63And last but not least, playing in the dirt. Actually I think it was sand. I cannot believe that anyone let me go out and play in the dirt with a white sweater on.

And what in all get out does Pilot Man have on his head? It looks like a ladies “Sunday go to meeting” hat.

But I hope not.

But if it isn’t then I just can’t imagine what it is and why he has it on his head.

I may not be able to sleep tonight pondering this.


  1. Seriously, why is Keith in the picture????

  2. Ahhh, pictures from the crypt--my favorite installment. :o) And I think the first time I ever came to your blog, you had a pictures from the crypt post that had me in stitches! It never fails. Chuckling at your comments. But I love that darling photo of you in the kitchen--and noticing the details like the chair, the aprons, the color of the wall. Priceless.

  3. And you even had Charlie Brown curtains! LOVE that room! You rock! : )

    Hhhm, now I'm thinking since Dandy is having a Peanut, she really should have done the nursery in a Charlie Brown theme. Hey, it's not too late, she still has 2 days. Do you want to tell her or should I?


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