Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Epic Pickle Fail

I was going to post a recipe today. I had been waiting to see how these things turned out. Waiting patiently for months.

And we all know that I don’t wait all that patiently. People do not drive fast enough in the passing lane. People do not walk fast enough in the airport. We don’t need to stroll people, that is what the park is for.

So, back when LookLeap and I were deep into the garden we had a bunch of these

IMG_8651AOh did we have loads of cherry tomatoes. Lovely, sweet little globes of goodness just waiting to be eaten.

And eaten……

And eaten.

I never thought I would get tired of cherry tomatoes but I came close. And there were still so many. And I wasn’t about to skin all of them and try to make sauce with them. And I was in a “making pickles” mode. And then I found a recipe for Pickled Cherry Tomatoes.

Hey, that sounds like it would be interesting. And I love pickles.

And I had just finished making a big batch of these beauties. And oh did they turn out….
IMG_8672A                                            Stupendously delicious.

But the thing is, the cherry tomato pickles had to sit for a while. You don’t can them, you just put them in the brine and let them sit in the frig, undisturbed, for at least 6 weeks.

Open frig door. Look at cherry tomato pickles. Close frig door. Check calendar. Not yet.

But then the day came.

And I opened the frig door and took out the jar of cherry tomato pickles.

Oh they looked beautiful. The colors were still wonderful. My mouth was watering with anticipation. Pavlov’s dogs had nothing on me! I opened up the jar and took a whiff. Hmmmm, doesn’t smell all that “pickley” but that doesn’t mean anything. I gently inserted my fairly clean fingers into the jar and pulled out a little globe of goodness and popped it into my mouth.



They are not good, not good at all. More to the point they are singularly unspectacular. Not really “pickly”, not really even very “tomatoey” any more. And of course they had lost some of their crispness which I had expected.

Smooshy non-pickley pickled cherry tomatoes.

Total disappointment. It was like dreaming about all the things you were getting at Christmas and then waking up in July.

And so there will be no recipe today. It has been exiled to Pickleberia where all bad pickle recipes go never to return.

And I still have two jars of mediocre at best Pickled Cherry Tomatoes.



  1. Oh man. I hate it when that happens. I'll bet it'd have been different if you'd pickled them when they were green instead of ripe.

  2. I just dumped a pint of pickled green tomatoes. Made 'em according to the Ball Blue Book and they were mushy. And rather tasteless. Yuck.

  3. Holy cow! I thought it was just me. (found you searching for painted countertops)...

    My pickled green tomatoes SUCKED. They were blah. Mushy. Essentially tasteless.

    Glad it wasn't operator error.

  4. Well, it was worth a shot. At least you didn't commit too many tomatoes to this little experiment.


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