Thursday, October 21, 2010

Getting Ready For Winter

I live in the woods. I might have mentioned it before. Maybe. A time or ten thousand.
IMG_9268A There are lots of trees. Lots. When it is really windy we pray that all the trees stay upright and firmly rooted in the ground where they are supposed to be.

And since I live in the woods it makes perfect sense that HHBL and I…..
IMG_9242A Order our fire wood pre-cut and pre-seasoned. We aren’t as mentally deficient as we look.

Yes I am sure that we could get out there in the woods with the chain saw and good health insurance and cut down our own trees. Cut off the branches. Drag them up to the house. Cut them into appropriate lengths and then split them. But the first thing that enters my mind when I contemplate it is.


Why would I want to do that when I can make one phone call and have them bring it to me AND stack it. The second part of that last sentence is the part I like best. I really don’t like stacking firewood if there is any possibility that I can get someone to do it for me, even if those people insist on calling me “ma’am”. Oh please stop that. I might have to hurt you.

IMG_9266AAll ready for the snow to fly. And in case you think that will be a while….you haven’t visited the Frozen Northeast Ohio. I have seen snow many an October. Sigh.

And after the wood was covered……

It was time to play with Max for a little bit.

IMG_9260A  You have a stick. I need the stick. Give me the stick. Throw the stick. Do it now. Do it now.

IMG_9257A Don’t make me bark. I need the stick. Give me the stick. The stick is mine. Mine you hear me.

IMG_9255ACome on Come on Come on Come on. Stick I need the stick. There is a stick. Throw it!!

IMG_9259A  StickStickStickStickStickStickStickStickStickStickStick!

IMG_9252A Squirrel?


  1. Ah...the first sign of getting old when they call you "Ma'am". But I'm a lot older and when I visit the grocery store to buy a load of bread they offer to help me to my car. Thanks a lot for the vote of confidence, you People!

    As for Max? I love Max! Can he come visit Iowa??? We have lotsa squirrels.

  2. Ooops. I meant to write "loaf of bread" and not "load of bread". No wonder they offer to help me carry! roflol

  3. Oh Max is a laugh-out-loud series of photos. Ours is like that with the tennis ball but without the squirrel. Nothing, absolutely nothing breaks her attention from a ball; but that's how goldens are wired.

  4. lol on the photos of your dog! And I agree with your take on the firewood.

  5. My girls LOVED your Max photo series. I can practically hear him saying those things! (Of course, they did because I read the captions out loud in my doggy Max voice.)

  6. Oh boy! That's a cute dog you have there. If ever you need a dog-sitter, you know my number. Just ship him FedEx to Alderson, WV with instructions.


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