Thursday, October 28, 2010

I Guess I Like Where I Live

The sun is shining here in the Frozen Northeast Ohio and that is such an odd occurrence that I am in the mood to do a small list of the things I like about this place.

It also may be that I am just confounded as to what else there is to blog about. I could tell you about the banana bread in the oven or the fact that the grass is again covered with leaves and the fact that it is REALLY hard to see the “gifts” that Max leaves in the yard when they are covered with leaves. You just need to remember to step very carefully.

But I digress. Lets think about the things that I like living here in semi-rural suburbia…..

1. The postal clerks know me and seem to like seeing me. In fact, we are to the point that they tell me their problems when I come in. I seem to have a face that just makes that happen.

2. I can turn left out of my street, drive about 300 feet and see sheep grazing in a yard. Or horses on the other side of the street. Drive a bit further and I will see alpaca.

3. Great Lakes Brewing Company. Specifically their Octoberfest or Burning River. Yum.

4. My postal lady knows me, knows the dog, and always seems to be happy to see both of us.

5. Perogies. Enough said on those little pillows of carbohydrate goodness.

6. When out and about I see people I know all the time. I don’t think there is ever a trip to Wally Mart that doesn’t bring someone I know.

7. I guess I have to admit that I like all the wild life, even the rats with hooves deer. I had a buck zip across the road in front of me the other night. Very cool once I confirmed that I hadn’t wet my pants in fright.

8. I live in an area that brings the world Dennis Kucinich. Every place needs a clown.

9. Summers here are wonderful.

10. Of course, summers are offset by winters here which are not so wonderful. But then, we get snow and I can occasionally afford myself a snow day.

11. I live in a town that is big enough to have a Starbucks and a movie theater but small enough that people don’t, right off the bat, know exactly where the town is. And by the way, I don’t like Starbucks so I never go there….but at least we have one.

12. We have a major league baseball team. Not a good one but we have one.

13. Small town politics. There is nothing like it for a really good laugh. Or tearing your hair out.

14. Rolling farm land not all that far away.

15. The Amish. I am fascinated, and a bit obsessed.

16. Lake Effect Snow. It amazes me. Our side of town gets a lot more snow that even 2 miles further west.

17. The Cleveland Orchestra and Blossom Music Center.

Well, I guess that is all for now. I don’t want to overwhelm you with the splendor.


  1. Not surprisingly, your area sounds similar to mine. We also get the lake effect stuff from Lake Michigan although we're just far enough away that it has to come from just the right direction and with enough wind so we don't get it as often as those who live closer.

    I don't like Starbucks that much either.

    Glad the storms didn't do too much damage in your area!

  2. Sounds nice...wish I could drive that short of a distance and see critters and rolling hills.

    Feeling your pain on the blogging stuff...I mentioned it on my last night. *Sigh* :)

  3. I'm not ready to move to the suburbs yet but I think I'd like the small town feel at some point... but I still want to have enough stuff to do (like a mini-downtown or something). Sounds like you have a fantastic location! :D

  4. Oh friend, I just read the words "lake effect snow" and thanked the good Lord once again that I live in a place that doesn't get that. In fact, if they mention the word snow in the forecast, schools close down, there's a mad rush to the grocery store for bread and milk and businesses are put on an automatic 2-hour delay (for fear of the infamous black ice). Then it doesn't even drift one flake.

    I love North Carolina.

  5. I also like how we're just a little over half an hour from downtown Cleveland (which yes everyone, does have some good things to offer), yet are also within a short drive of some beautiful rural farmland (and all its wonderful fruit farms which provided us with an abundance of strawberries, blueberries, peaches & raspberries this summer.)

    Oh, and our outlet mall is a nice alternative to a mall. Who wants that much land devoted to shopping and a giant parking lot anyways?

  6. Oh, I am jealous! When I read about everything out your way, I miss our old house in the woods out in beyooteeful NJ. Well, I don't always miss the deer. After having several near misses with deer in one night while driving from work, I had to have a scotch when I got home. Anyway. Here, stuff just gets sort of gray-brown and dies.

  7. The first time I heard the term "lake effect" snow was from a guy who worked under Cleveland in a salt mine. I am glad I've lived no further north than southern Indiana.

    Loved your list and I can state I have never been inside or through the drive through of a Starbuck's coffee shop! There's one at the mall where I walk most mornings and that coffee sure smells good, but I am proud I resist.


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