Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Spread With No Name

I realized that I haven’t done a recipe for a while.

I hang my head in shame.

So today, a recipe. But first the back story.

When I was in nursing school, low those many years ago, Pilot Man showed up at my door one day. I lived in Dallas, he lived in Waco, it wasn’t like it was just a quick jaunt from one place to the next. And not only did he show up, he had a girl with him.

A girl???

And they came bearing gifts which is always nice. They had stopped and gotten me bagels and spread. No fools they cuz nursing students can eat an incredible amount of stuff. Our favorite thing to do was go to Egyptian for pizza, then to TCBY for yogurt and then to Texas Bakery for hot bear claws.

But I digress. And I am a bit nauseous thinking about all that food.

Oh, I guess I forgot to tell you that the girl that Pilot Man had with him turned out to be The Chef and therefore my future SIL. But that was a few years away. At any rate, I toasted the bagel. I spread the spread, which Pilot Man didn’t remember the name of. I took a bite…..

And the angels sang. And my taste buds stood up and said, “Hello!”.

But Pilot Man really had no idea what the spread was, just that it had olives in it and he knew I loved olives. Good choice bro! But I now had a problem. I had to figure out what was in this heavenly spread. It required long and hard study.

OK, it just meant that I had to look at the spread and do some investigation. And thus was born “The Spread With No Name”.

IMG_0195AThese are the things that you will need. Not that many ingredients really.

IMG_0200A Ummmmmmmmmm, cream cheese. This is low fat cream cheese which works well. Don’t use no fat cream cheese. It doesn’t work. Don’t you think that just about everything is made happier with the addition of cream cheese.

IMG_0199A Oh I love sliced almonds. Love, love, love.

IMG_0197AStuffed green olives and deeeeeeeelicious. And salty.

IMG_0198AAnd then there are black olives, those little ovoid nuggets of mellow goodness. Ummmmmmm.

IMG_0202And just a splash or three of Worcestershire sauce for some lovely spiciness.

Take the cream cheese, the olives and the almonds and toss them into the bowl of your food processor with the chopping blade. Pulse until the ingredients are incorporated and the olives are chopped but not pulverized. Don’t over process.

Then add the Worcestershire sauce one teaspoon at a time and pulse a couple of times. After each addition give the mixture a little taste. I like mine with 3 teaspoons in it but that might be too much for others.

And just remember, the recipe with all the measurements can be found with the link at the end of the post. Just in case you want to run right out and make this….which you should.   

Once you have the spread all mixed up and wondering what happened you need to slice and toast your bagel…..

IMG_0203 Oh perfectly done. Drooling. And then the spread transforms a bagel from plain to….

IMG_0207 Amazing.

IMG_0209A I didn’t let any of it go to waste. And just so that you know, this stuff is decidedly delicious on crackers…..

or right off the end of the knife. But of course I wouldn’t ever do that………..


The Spread With No Name


  1. This looks delicious!! Of course, I just ate a whole tub of green olive hummus last weekend so I'm probably a little biased for anything with green olives.

  2. That does look fantastic. Our marriage is at an impasse with regard to olives though. I only like the green ones that have marinated on a little stick in vodka for a while but I love the black ones. Hubby hates the black but can eat the green by the jarful. Ah well.

    Just now figured out that the Pilot Man Dude Guy is your bro. Had no idea that's what he does. Tell him hi. See what happens when we fall out of touch? ::sigh::

  3. Nothing like a guy who pays attention to what you like!

    I'm going to try that when I get some bagels.

  4. That might work for Thanksgiving. See the e-mail I sent just a bit ago. Why have you never told me about this scrumptious sounding stuff before? You've deprived me but I love you anyway.

  5. Your recipe sounds like just the new taste treat we need around here. Will be making it soon - thanks!


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