Thursday, September 30, 2010

Because I Can That’s Why

I have been cleaning out again here at Chez Knit.

The Earth trembles in fear when I get in the clean out mood. In fact, I am in the clean out mood most of the time these days. I look into boxes that have been packed up for 9 months and I go…

Why did I buy this? I haven’t missed it. It must go!!!

I am sure that I will regret some of this insane madness later. But not now. No no no. And in my cleaning out today I found a box of pictures that I had printed out to use for some scrapbooking project or another. I always print out way too may pictures when I plan a project.

Why do I do that?

But I digress.

As I was sorting through and throwing away these pictures, which have all been scanned long ago and put on the hard drive, it struck me.

You would like to see some of them. I know you would. And I know that you would especially like to see the progeny in various stages.

And because I can.

And because they are all out of town and can’t hurt me immediately.

I will.

Top-27 (rev 0) TMO in her first year of life. Look at that square head just full of that amazing brain. And she is drooling too!

1996_Christmas-1(rev 0)Egads! At one time we actually made them SHARE a computer. Oh the agony.

image_13_2_2009-63(rev 0)TMO does not like birds. And of course the only person the bird wanted to go to was her.

image_13_2_2009-69(rev 0)   Can you see how much fun they are having at the fair. Shoe Queen looks like she is dead.

scan0002 We made them climb Mt. Roberts in Juneau. You would have thought we had asked them to pull out their eyeballs. And we were lapped by some ancient woman with a walking stick for the love of Pete.

1994_Dressing_Up_B (rev 0)Always the stylish dressers. Even then Shoe Queen had her own unique style.

1996_Geauga_Fair_B (rev 0)You cannot imagine what it took to get her to touch the goat let alone try to milk the thing. Obviously I was already well versed at taking pictures of animals behinds.

1993__4_(rev 0)“Ve come from zee old country”

Top-346 (rev 0)I think this was early in the year. TMO looks like she is freezing and Shoe Queen won’t even sit all the way down. Cartoon Girl looks a bit chilled as well.

IMG_7801 Ouch, Ouch, Ouch, Ouch!

IMG_7878_1Cartoon Girl’s perfect tubing dismount. She actually managed to slide about 20 feet on her back. Look at the perfectly pointing toes and the artistically placed hands.

You can’t see the blood from here.

There are lots more where these came from. And I will be posting them periodically.

But right now I need to go and hide.   


  1. You need to go hide because your girls are going to kill you? I would too if I was one of them!

    (Oh, and by the way, Shoe Queen at the fair cracked me up.)

  2. Oh, my! The photo of the kids/computer reminded me of our first. Would you believe it was a Commodore 64!?

    (My word verification today is qvbxtram...they must know that I am finally and thoroughly computer proficient!)

  3. Oh, I SO enjoy seeing pictures of my Awkward Phase posted where everyone can see them. Looks like we were playing SuperMunchers on the computer!

    Haha my tubing dismount was truly a thing of beauty. The only thing better than that picture is the video that Dad took of it.

  4. Those were awesome to see. Now I'd love to see you with them. I know you; I just see little bits of them in your smile, hair and some mannerisms.


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