Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Your Eyes Are Full of Hate 41.

Does your family watch movies? Do they like movies. Are they obsessed with movie lines?

We are.

We love movies around Chez Knit.

When the progeny were young their TV watching was limited. Most of the time I made them go out and play with the bugs and frogs in the dirt. When they came in they could watch certain programs….and they could watch as many movies on video tape as we had available. And we had a lot. And we recorded a lot.

But not just any old movie, like some skanky Movie of the Week. No, no, no they could watch old movies or musicals. Things like Ben Hur or Sound of Music or The Fugitive or something like that. They went through an extended Charleton Heston phase at one point. And we all seemed to have the capacity to quote lines from the movies that we had watched. Endless lines.

And we can’t seem to stop.

We keep you alive to serve this ship. Row well….and live.

You’ve got sawdust in your veins!


Welcome to Earth!

You want to make it a runway!

What about second breakfast?

Behold His mighty hand!

Left turn. Left turn. Too fast. Too fast. Pull up. Pull up.

Ryan,some things in here don’t react well to bullets.

You are a strange, sad little man.

The other day, while on the phone with Cartoon Girl, she called something “hinkey”. My next comment was, “He did a Peter Pan right here!”

And Cartoon Girl said, “Oh man, it is so great that you knew what movie I was talking about without me having to explain it. I love that about our family”.

Me too.


  1. My brother and I quote movies all the time - we are especially partial to the Breakfast Club. "Will millk be provided?" and "Claire? Claire is a fat girl's name."

    We can't stop!!

  2. we talk in movies, too. the other day, we had an entire conversation before 7:30 in the morning in LOTR lines. "Get them up, get them up" "for pity's sake give them a little time" etc. Our others include Willow (I have Shalindria's wand, THAT way to the lake), Hook (that was a great game, run home Jack), Galaxy Quest, Singing in the Rain (I caint stan him)... and oh, there are probably more that I'm not thinking of at the moment.

    Do you get to choose your own words for word verification? because the one blogger wants me to type is zonutsyc, which sounds like some sort of sci fi donut attack or something.
    Barb Nelson

  3. I recognize some of those lines and some I don't. Aren't you going to tell us what movies they are from?


  4. The Sounds of Music ahhh... an old favorite. Love it!

    Hey, I am hosting an swap on my blog that ends tomorrow and I thought it might be something you would enjoy. i just wanted to invite you personally. Of course, I totally understand if that's not something you're interested in doing. Just wanted to let you know that I'd be thrilled if you would consider joining us. I hope the end of your week is marvelous.

  5. You guys are funny!! I could never remember a movie line to quote at some witty time.

  6. It's funny how different families have different movies that stick with of our favorites for quoting randomly is Monty Python's Holy Grail---great stuff!


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