Friday, September 17, 2010

Dawn Is Having A Baby!!!

The internet is a strange and beautiful thing. I am constantly amazed at the people that I meet and get to know who I may never actually meet “in real live human form”. We only meet over the internet.

But just because we don’t meet face to face doesn’t mean that we aren’t friends. True and tight bloggy friends. And one of my favorite of all my bloggy friends is Dawn over at Spontaneous Clapping. Go over there right after this and look around. You will love her too. And if you don’t then you are going to have to deal with me……

And it won’t be pretty.

But what is this really all about Debbie. Why are there no Quick Takes today? Well I will tell you……
It is because Dawn is having a Surprise Internet Baby Shower!!!!!!!!

Are you surprised Dawn????? I hope so. I am imagining the look on your face.

All of us who know you, who love your writing and your marvelously lovely pictures of food and your wonderful husband, “B”, are so excited about the Peanut who is going to arrive in just about……41 days I think. We just had to lavish virtual confetti and snacks and punch on you. And then we are going to open gifts.

I was trying to think back to how I discovered Spontaneous Clapping and Dawn. I just can’t remember to be honest with you. I think, and this is only speculation, that I must have followed a link on someone’s blogroll and found her and then just hung around, sort of like the friend in Jr. Hi. that you just can’t get rid of. The one that wants to be your friend so badly but you just don’t know what to do with.

I am a pitiful person.

But I digress.

I hung around. I read her archives (doesn’t that always feel sort of like stalking to you). I commented on occasion.

And Dawn emailed me back to thank me for commenting.

And then she commented over here at Chez Knit

And then we became best bloggy friends and….

OK not BEST bloggy friends but you get the picture.

When Sasha emailed me about the virtual shower I was all, “Oh YES!”. Such excitement. But then the question became what should I give her and Peanut. Decisions, decisions……

So let me show you what I decided. Sorry Dawn but I am going to have to open up the gift for you.
Crinkle, crinkle, rip, tear, shred…..

First off there are….

Sasha asked that we also impart some sort of parental/baby wisdom if we wanted to. I have to tell you that I rarely give baby wisdom unless asked a specific question. I quake at the thought that someone would try to raise I child with my advise. The progeny barely survived as it is. But the thing that I will tell you is that you need to read to them. Yes, I am sure that you know that but what I mean is you read to them even when they don’t know what words are or pictures or anything. You start early. And you read as often as possible. And you read something other than picture board books.

And these books were some of our very favorite. We still quote lines from them even though the progeny are 23, 22 and 19. That is how much we loved them.

And the other part of your gift is…….

IMG_8890A A sweater for Peanut. Babies just need sweaters. They scream for sweaters. Especially ones that are warm and cool and knit with love.

So Dawn and B, congratulations on the wonderful new life that is about to enter. I wish I was there in person to give you a big hug and rub your belly. I always want to rub pregnant bellies for some unaccountable reason. I try to restrain myself.

I can hardly wait to see loads of pictures of the little crumb cruncher. You are going to have so much fun.

Edit: Don't you hate when you have to go back and add something after you have posted a post. I am perfect, I shouldn't have to edit.

ANYWAYS. I always "name" my knitting projects. I am odd that way. And this particular sweater is.......

Peanut's Dreams of Cocoa.

Now I am done.


  1. This is a gorgeous post!! I love how this great idea means I'm reading and discovering new blogs and lovely people! I adore the cardigan. I made a girlie version for my baby while I was pregnant - you knit with the finesse and creativity I long for. I think I will always be a bodger and be surrounded by imperfection!!

    Thanks for sharing! I'm now going to be your jnr high hanger on!

  2. That sweater is beautiful!! I knew you could knit but wow! Just think, someday a Peanut Progeny will wear that sweater too.

    And I agree completely..reading, reading, reading...there's nothing better way to spend time with your children.

    This is so fun and I am just so happy for that girl; we all are!!

  3. Hopped over here from the shower (this is fun!) - and that sweater is ADORABLE! I'm enjoying seeing all of the neat things you ladies went shoppin' for. ;)

  4. Beautiful sweater! ...and those Little Miss and Mr. Men books are the best! My kids love them. :)

  5. I love this idea!

    Your sweater is gorgeous Deb. You are some knitting guru....not're an everything guru! I've never seen someone with as many creative talents.

    Congratulations on the baby Dawn!

  6. Gah! I am just dying over here... I wish you could see my face.. only I have make-up all over my eyes because I keep rubbing them as I'm looking thru your blog post. I just can't believe what I am seeing! I can't believe all of this!

    the sweater... Peanut dreams of cocoa.. I could just die right now.

    Thank you for being my friend... even if it did start out all Jr High and stalker style, lol.

  7. Oh, Debbie, that little sweater is too precious for words. Love!!! And those books... makes me pine for a little grand-kiddo to read from those to ;) This shower thang is so much fun!! -Tammy

  8. What a GORGEOUS sweater!! Oh my goodness, it's just perfect. and I love that you name your projects. The books look fun too! Great shower gifts!

  9. Oh My Goodness!!! Dying from the cuteness. Who says boys can't dress cute too? It is adorable, great job!

  10. My goodness, girlfriend. This is marvelous. Really wonderful. I love, love, love that you gave books. And the most perfect advice ever, actually. And that sweater! OH MY!!

  11. This is the sweetest thing I have ever seen - an internet baby shower!! I love it.

    The Little Mr./Ms. books are the best and my 5-year-old has the set as well! Great gift. But the sweater is in a league of it's is gorgeous! I love the color and the button backing and I want one in my size. :)

  12. Deb, you are not just a virtual wonderful friend, you are a real wonderful friend, too! The baby sweater is Adorable and fab! Love the color combo!

  13. OH wow, that sweater is amazing!!! You are supremely talented and I bow to your knitting goddessiness.

    It'll look so cute on Peanut!!


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