Friday, September 24, 2010

7 Quick Takes (Vol 86)

7_quick_takes_sm Greetings fellow rowers in the long boat of life. Hmmmmm, I was watching Ben Hur last night and am still in the galley slave mode….”We keep you alive to serve this ship. Row well….and live.”

But I digress. Here is another installment of my always boring and insipid Quick Takes. Marty, the word “insipid” is just for you. Test everyone at work to see if they know it.

Here it is, Friday morning, and I haven’t written a single quick take. I am a slug, a sloth. I really do lead a busy life but sometimes I wonder when confronted with 7 simple slots in my blog post that have to be filled with the little things that are too short for a whole blog post. Although the way that I can ramble there isn’t anything that is too short for it’s own blog post.

Brevity is not my strong suit.

My favorite “Elixir of Life Update” from this week:

Elixir liquid, bitter, strong.
Wake me up and don't take long.

I don’t know how these things come into my feeble brain but I seem to be able to produce one, usually rhyming, every morning. It is a train that I have begun and now can’t seem to stop as people now look for them every morning on Facebook. The thing has taken on a life of it’s own.

I do enjoy producing them and it certainly gets the little gray cells moving right away since I don’t write them a head of time, usually.

I don’t like to waste things. It makes me mad. So if the milk goes bad around here I usually save it and cook with it.


Sometimes I wait just a bit too long before using it up

IMG_9090AIt was about to blow when I finally discarded it. And the smell???????

Whoo Boy.

Alaska, schmaska, who needs Alaska to see Bald Eagles. On the walk in the park this morning we saw the Bald Eagle soaring along, circling the lake and fishing. Amazingly cool.

And I did not have my camera.

Dope slapping self.

Yesterday was the 27th anniversary of my meeting HHBL.

Hurrah!!! Yeah!!!!

We were sort of set up on a sort of blind date which was actually a group date on which we took most of my family and assorted relatives.

Good times. Way to get a guy interested in you.

I will have to tell you about it some time because it was very memorable. As was our first “real” date which was actually 5 dates rolled into one day. We lived several states away from each other and were only able to see each other on limited weekends.

And yet we have managed to stay married despite really not knowing each other all that well.

Happy 27th Meeting Anniversary HHBL!! It was a good evening when you walked in the door.

AND, he was wearing a suit that day. And we know how much I love him in a suit!!!!

I am currently reading this…..

P&PAnd oh my word is it hilarious. Who knew that the simple addition of zombies, or as they are called “the unfortunate unmentionables”, would give such zest to one of my already favorite books.

Totally wonderful.

I may now have to read “Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters”.

And last but not least. It is AGAIN supposed to be 90F here today. What gives??? That would be the third day in a row when the temp will hover at or near the 90F mark in September for the love of Pete. HHBL loves it as he is definitely a warm weather person.

I, however, am not. And I have hand made socks that are waiting to be worn.

And I refuse to put the AC on in September.

IMG_9078And we are being absolutely drowned with these little boogers. I will tell you about that next week after I shovel the next round off the deck.

But it is supposed to be 64F tomorrow so I guess that will be OK.

I have always been a cold weather person. When I was going to school in Texas I would long for days when I could wear my wool sweaters. I am odd like that.

Of course, come back here in January when I am griping about the mountains of snow and you will have a different story.


  1. I always laugh at your coffee tweets. :) And the temps up here are in the 40's and 50's I feel like fall began a month ago!

  2. Happy Anniversary to you as well! Love You!

  3. Oh I have made that mistake with the milk! I could have sworn that it was cheese when I was trying to pour it down the drain....

  4. I'm like you about milk. but when it starts to look like cottage cheese, I toss it.

    As to having a camera with you, use your cell to take a picture of the eagle.

  5. Oh good grief; I feel like I need my own 7 takes to comment. The milk was just gross. Dudette, don't do that to people. Oh my gosh. Congrats on you and hubbiness. And finally, I'm so glad you have the acorns this year and not us. 21 mature oaks in our yard. We deserve a break.

  6. I too love cool weather and it just does not seem right that it's supposed to be 98 tomorrow. Going to put out my fall decorations in defiance.
    I poured some chunky heavy cream into a recipe for enchilada sauce yesterday. Gah-ROSS!! The smell is definitely the worst part.

  7. I love hot weather, but I could also settle into some seasonably fall-like temps. As long as it never gets cold! I love your elixir couplets as well---keep 'em coming!


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