Monday, September 13, 2010

Living In The Woods Is Sometimes a Pain

The sky is falling around here.

No really, it is. Or at least there are things falling from the sky. And they have been falling for months now. Months I tell ya. I have lived in this house for 10 years and I never, ever remember this many falling and gathering and tripping me up and piercing my bare feet and……

IMG_8878A IMG_8880A 
IMG_1392 These things like the oak acorns. They like them a lot. In fact I have seen more squirrels this last month than I have all year. They are massing in the back for a full assault on my yard. Look into his beady little eye and tell me that he doesn’t have mayhem on his mind.


IMG_1945AThese things like the oak acorns. That is OK with me as long as that is the only thing that they eat in the garden

Huh? Acorns? Oh I like something crunchy with my salad.

IMG_2128A I do not like acorns. Right after this picture was taken I was assaulted by one of the little nut jobs. It landed on my head pointy end to pointy end. It was painful and I was unhappy.

And that is never good.

Day and night, night and day it is the same.

Bam……Bam……bambambambambam……BAM! Yesterday, when it was windy, it seemed like we were under bombardment. A continuous rata tat tat from the oak tree machine guns. I expected to see James Cagney, in his gangster best, shooting these things in the back yard.

And the mess! I am tired of stepping on these little nuggets of evil as I go out to the deck in my bare tootsies. And I am tired of sweeping or blowing off my deck. Yes, I cannot stand to have my deck littered with these things. I am my father’s daughter after all and he has been known to clear the skiff of snow on the driveway with his leaf blower.

A leaf blower moves these little bundles of badness along just fine thankyouverymuch.


And next Spring you know what I am going to be doing? Besides cleaning up the yard from an entire winter’s doggie doolies. I am going to be yanking out all the little oak seedlings from all the acorns that those dang squirrels are continuously planting in my garden and yard.

And I am a whiner. But then I have a feeling that you might know this if you have been hanging around here long enough.


  1. Or....start an oak tree farm! You'll be rich if all those acorns come up!! :)

  2. I'm right there with you, my friend. 21 mature oaks in our yard. Luckily for us, this is an off year. Last fall though, Doug was removing them to the back woods with a wheelbarrow.

    Sorry, so, so sorry.

  3. I'd take acorns over walnuts any day! Walnuts are a menace to man, mower, and me. We have a tin roof over the place at the lake, though, and acorns hitting that sound like gunshots. I feel your pain, but I loved your pictures!


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