Thursday, September 16, 2010

Adventures In Apple Pie

I love apple pie. I love it like I love my toe rings.

It is essential to life. And in the Fall I just feel the need to bake apple pies. Yum.

And yesterday the sun was shining and we had company coming over in the evening and, well, we just needed pie.

Now, around Chez Knit we don’t use a pie crust made with butter or Crisco. No our family tradition, handed down from my Iowa grandma, is an oil pie crust. I love this crust.

And because I love all of you I will share it with you.

IMG_8896A This is what you will need to make the pie crust. Just 4 simple ingredients. How difficult could this be. And just so that you know, I often times make 1 1/2 of the recipe. It is easy to do those calculations.

IMG_8897A Put the flour in the bowl.

IMG_8898A Add the salt

IMG_8900A Try not to spill the salt on the counter. I was having trouble yesterday with spilling things. I managed to spill half of my travel mug of coffee on my skirt just before going into bible study. I was damp and smelled like Starbucks for two full hours.

IMG_8904A Add the milk and the oil. And then you just mix everything around with a spoon until it is all incorporated. If it seems a bit dry you can add a few drops more of milk or oil.

IMG_8905 BWAHAHAHAHA a pie crust brain.


Cover the crust with some plastic wrap and let it rest while you prepare the filling.

Now, I sort of have a recipe for the filling but it uses words like “pinch of” and “chunks of”. I know there are those of you for whom those words in a recipe strike fear into your hearts. You know who you are. So, I have translated the recipe to what I think are the correct measurement. You will find them written out in the recipe, the link for which you will find at the bottom of this post.

IMG_8906A You need these ingredients

IMG_8908A And a bunch of these. I usually use Granny Smith but you can use what you like. I would suggest that they be apples that are tart or semi-tart and firm of flesh.

Wouldn’t we all like to be firm of flesh. I know I haven’t been for many a year.

At any rate. I didn’t have quite enough Granny Smith so I filled in with what I had on hand.

IMG_8909A Peel, core and chop them up. Everyone has their own chopping method. Whatever floats your boat.

Then you are going to add…..
IMG_8910A                                                         Sugar
IMG_8911A                                                            Salt
IMG_8912A                                                            Cinnamon
IMG_8913A                                                             Nutmeg
IMG_8914A                                                           Flour

Mix everything all together and then you need to test a piece of the apple
IMG_8915A If you need to add more sugar or salt or spices you will know at this point. Adjust as needed

IMG_8917A Roll out the crust. I roll mine between plastic wrap. Works like a dream and makes it very easy to move it into the pie plate.

IMG_8919A Put the bottom crust into the pie plate. Add the apples, pushing down on them so that they are nice and packed in there. Dot with the butter and then put the top crust on and crimp the edges.

IMG_8922A And then I had a bit of trouble. Trouble here in River City. I had crimp issues.

Now I can tell you, if this pie had been JUST for HHBL and I then the thing would have looked just perfect. But because this was for company there were tears and holes that needed to be fixed. It always happens, no matter how many times I make a pie. But so what. Into the oven it went to cook and bubble and make my house smell delicious.

IMG_8924A Oh yes, can I bake a pie or what.

Ummmmmmm, Deb?


There is this little proverb that says something about pride going before a fall?

Yeah, I might have heard about it but you know, I am an old pie hand and this one is just looking delicious.


And then it was time to cut into the perfect pie, as our company looked on…..

IMG_8926AAnd I was horrified to see a “Pie Fail”.


It tasted great but looked a bit, how shall I say this, a bit juicy.

Let this be a lesson to you grasshopper. Make sure that you put in enough flour when you are making the pie. Don’t get distracted taking pictures of the process and writing the blog post in your head.

And I also think that part of the over juiciness of the pie was that I used some Fuji apples and those are just too juice and not firm enough for pie.

Oh well. It still tastes good. Believe me I would know. I had some for breakfast.

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  1. Debbie this looks wonderful. I'm going to try your crust -- soon.
    btw - that's not "dotting with butter." Those are major "slabs of butter." Mmmmmm :o)

  2. Sorry about the runny pie! That happens to me now and then.

    I'm making apple crisp in the morning. Doggone good stuff (made some two days ago and it is gone!).

    I, too, like an oil crust. Maybe because I live in Iowa. heh-heh.

  3. ~raises hand~ I'm terrified of pinch of this and what not.

    I'm also scared of making pie crust.

    I would totally eat your pie for breakfast.

  4. Oh...I so feel your pain. Been there done that. I always put more flour than I think necessary...about 1/4 cup and use only red and yellow delicious apples. Well, honestly...I use what ever withered apples that are living in my crisper drawers. M.


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