Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Deep In the Land of Scrap

Greetings from the land of paper and cutters and tape runners and pictures.

I am scrap booking today. I know you wanted to know that. And because I am doing that and my brain doesn’t multi-task as well as it used to I thought I would just regale you with some FO’s from the year in knitting.


Oh sorry, I got caught up in knit speak there for a bit. FO are Finished Objects. Just like UFOs are Unfinished Objects, not something that hovers in the sky over LA. Can you tell I was watching “Independence Day” last night for about the millionth time.

“Welcome to Earth!”

Sorry, distraction reigns around here. So, without further ado here are some finished objects from this year. There might be a preponderance of socks. But then again maybe not because, hard as is is to believe, I haven’t knit as many socks this year as usual.

For those of you who don’t care for knitting or don’t understand the overwhelming urge to play with pointy sticks, you can leave now.



Bamboozled  These are “Happy Socks for a Happy Event” and went to Roots and Rings on the birth of her first progeny.

Hurstling sweater                                             Hurstling’s Football Attire
Come to think of it this sweater also went to Roots and Rings. I loved the football buttons

IMG_5148These are alpaca and they are soft and warm and just like a hug for your feet. Now if it would just get cold.

img_5996                                             Sparkly Heels and Toes

IMG_6949                                              Oh How They Sparkle! 
These went to my momma cuz she likes red just like me and she needed them badly. They told me so when I was knitting them.

img_5973                                                  The MOB Wrap
All Mothers of the bride need one. This little project taught me that when knitting lace you should alwaysalwaysalways put in a life line at regular intervals.


Otherwise you will regret it when you have to frog back hours and hours of work. And lace is really hard to frog back.

IMG_7324                                               My Little Nutkins
Again, when will it get cold enough that I can again wear my hand knit socks. My goal is to have ONLY hand knit socks.

I might be making strides toward that goal because I have, at last count……..

25 pair of hand knit socks.

That isn’t too many is it?

IMG_9063A                                                       I Am Kool
My Koolhaas Hat from the knit a long. It is going to really warm.

IMG_8890A                                              Peanut Dreams of Cocoa
This project went to Spontaneous Clapping for her internet bloggy baby shower. It was just so much fun to knit. I might have to do another one. Is anyone else having a baby?

OK, I had better stop now and go finish what I am supposed to be working on. Believe me when I tell you that there are more project pictures. But I want you to come back.

Did I scare you guys off.

Hello? Hello?




  1. 25 pair could never, ever, ever be enough! Never! Yep, pretty sure never is the right word.

  2. Your skill amazes me. Seriously. I'd love to see your scrapbooking too. If it's anything like your knitting; "I'm not worthy."

    Regarding "FO," only you will really understand this. I'm at my house and get a call so I answer and hear, "Yo." "Excuse me?" I reply. "It's your mother, what is ss?" she asks in her cute French accent.

    "What are you talking about?" I respond with a question, trying not to laugh. "I'm trying a new crochet pattern and it says 'YO, 4 ss. I understand yo, but what is ss?" I about died laughing.

    That was during the Vinnie Barbarino days so "yo" didn't mean yarn over back then. :)

  3. Amazing!! I have always been intimidated by pointy sticks. Love that pic of YOU... too cute. I am completely impressed by all of your projects (can't wait to see more). The Nutkins socks are my fave! -T

  4. I am in Awe! But perhaps if you lived next door I'd have more knit socks myself...inspiration, ya know! It doesn't help that the local yarn shop closed.

  5. Okay, your FOs are all lovely, but most of all, I must commend you for not kvetching about any bit of that soul-eating, futsy koolhaas hat. Looks fab on you!

  6. Your FO's are just amazing!!

    I can't knit to save myself... but my grandmother was a knitter and I love the stuff that she made for me. :)

  7. What the heck? Those sweaters are awesome! Makes me wish we lived closer to where I could have you over and I could drink coffee and watch you make my clothing. Because that is totally how it would be, right? :)

  8. I want those blue socks... I love that color and my feet are cold right now.


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