Friday, September 10, 2010

7 Quick Takes (Vol 85)


Greetings Earthlings. Please click on the picture above to be whisked over to Conversion Diary to see what everyone else has been doing. But don’t click until you have read my Quick Takes. I think that is fair don’t you?

I have been all discomboobulated this week because there was a holiday on Monday. It just throws off the entire rest of my week. My errands get done on the wrong day. I don’t know if it is Wednesday or Thursday. I am all turned around.


That is what my life is always like?

Ha. Ha.

But not true thankyouverymuch. I am a creature of habit and when my Monday isn’t my normal Monday I am confused. Or more confused than usual at least.

I might have mentioned before that Max tends to shed somewhat. I might have mentioned that if it weren’t for the fact that I would smell like a dog I might consider learning how to spin so that I could knit a coat out of the copious amounts of hair that he sheds. Long black hair.

You think I am kidding?

You think I am exaggerating?

I have this cool little tool called a FURminator. I love that name. When I purchased it I had a momentary coronary because it looks like a heavy comb with a handle and it cost me $50!!! Egads.

But it is the best thing in the world. I cannot do with out it because……

IMG_8694A This is what I pull off the dog whenever I “furminate” him. Every. Time.

I get grossed out just looking at it. It sort of looks like Cousin It from The Adams Family. I just throw it out into the garden where the birds pick it up for nests and the deer get grossed out.

Any time I can gross out the deer it is a good day.

For all you knitters out there, is it possible to have too many projects OTN (on the needles)? When I took up knitting again I told myself that I would not collect more yarn than I needed for any one project and that I wouldn’t have more than one project OTN at any one time.


As to the first, the only enough yarn for one project at a time. Snort. I suffer from S.A.B.L.E. Stash Accumulation Beyond Life Expectancy. I am not going to tell you how many skeins of sock yarn I have waiting to be knit. But it is more than one.

And as for the other little promise to myself, the one about only one project at a time OTN. Yeah right on that one. The current count I have is 5 projects on the needles 2 different socks, 2 sweaters and the never ending Gryffindor scarf. And there is a Koolhaas Hat KAL that I will be casting on in the next day or so.

Help me.

Darn it, I have a headlight that is out. Don’t you just hate that feeling when you are driving at night and things seem just a tad dim.

Not that I am not dim at the best of times but you know what I mean.

I was driving home last night from a business dinner that HHBL and I had attended. I am on the highway and it just doesn’t seem as bright as it usually does as Coco and I zip down the road, mostly going the speed limit. Sure enough, when I got home I checked and the Left headlight is out.


But the Subaru dealer is always swift to get those things changed out so Coco will have to go in for that.

And just as an aside, do you name your cars? We do. I drive Coco and HHBL drives Fonzi. I have named my cars since college. There have been

The Lean Green Ghetto Machine (a soft lime green that I drove while living next to the largest housing project in Dallas)
Jammers the Jeep
Fran Van
(she was awesome, a Dodge caravan that I drove until she died of a cracked head gasket)
Fern Van (it was green, it was a Ford Windstar, it was a piece of junk)
Ruby Van (a Chrysler Town and Country, she was a good girl)
Coco the Subaru (Can I say that I love this car like no other. LOVELOVELOVELOVE)

I just thought you would like to know.

I start bible study this coming Wednesday. And for the first time in 20 years I am going back to Bible Study Fellowship (BSF). And I am so excited. When I attended before, when the progeny were little, I was a totally different person. Someone who was frightened of life down to the very core of her being. Someone who avoided those she didn’t know and didn’t speak to people.

I might be slightly different now.

I have missed bible study. When I decided to take a break from organized bible studies a couple of years ago I was burned out. I thought I could do without. But I missed an organized bible study much more than I thought I would. And so I am going back.

I will let you know how it goes.

This is my favorite cookbook at the moment. It is GENIUS, shear genius.

IMG_8822Did you know that there are ratios for every day cooking. Did you know that bread is basically a ratio of 5:3, 5 parts flour to 3 parts liquid plus things like salt, fat and yeast. I tried it this week and it was GOOD. And the ratios for things like mayo and dressings and other stuff…..

Genius. The pages of my book are getting all stained as I make my way through the ratios

Disclaimer: Michael Ruhlman has no idea who I am even though we live in the same metropolitan area and I comment on his blog occasionally. He did not give me the book to review, I had to buy it myself darn it. But he is still a genius

I am off to have breakfast with my Prayer Partner Peeps. I can’t believe that I just wrote that and they would be rolling over in the aisles of Bob Evans if they could see it. I love these ladies. We have all been friends for a long time 15+ years and it is great to have a tight group that you know you can share anything with, and we have over the years.

And I get to have eggs and biscuits and perhaps, bacon, though really I have had more than my fair share of bacon this week. But I will still have it.

Bacon is my life. Well that and coffee.

Have a great week!!!


  1. I love #2!! I was laughing out loud that you are grossing out the deer! And I think it's really nice that you leave the fur for birds to build nests.
    I'm not a knitter, so learning things like OTN and SABLE made me giddy. :o)

  2. A fun read, as always. I also have been on a break from organized Bible study groups. I only meant to take a year break but it has turned into six. Not sure yet if or when I will go back.

    Have a blessed week.

    Oh, I've been meaning to ask, what does HHBL mean when you refer to your hubby?

  3. Debbie! That pile of fur looks like another whole animal. At first I thought it was a dead one on your picnic table.

    Also, I was thinking about joining BSF but decided to do a regular Bible Study this year. I hope to get into that next year.

    Keep the posts coming. You are my inspiration. I laugh out loud every time.

    Peter would love that Ratio cookbook. That's right up his alley. Good for the math brains.

  4. OH, I'm with you. The long weekend was great as long as it was happening. But, the rest of the week has been all back to front and messed up.

  5. OMG! Your pile--ahem--collection of dog hair looks like the top of someone's head! When your blog page popped up, I thought perhaps you were announcing that you'd finally had it with...I dunno...your realtor, and you'd scalped him! LOL What a great shot!

  6. I totally hear you re grossing out the deer!


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