Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Looking Through Deb’s Memories (Vol Whatever)

I have every hope that this will be a short post. I am sure you are rejoicing because….well….I sometimes have trouble with brevity.

Ask HHBL. He often has to tell me, “I just asked for the time, I didn’t need to know how the watch works.”

Thanks sweetie, I love you too.

But I digress.

In the continuing battle of the basement bulge I am going through more unmarked containers. It is sort of like Christmas when I pull out a box and open it up. Who knows what might be in there!! It might be something absolutely wonderful, something that I have been looking for all my life. Something that I longed to find again.

Or it might be a box of misc crap (sorry, I said crap) that the mice have left little “gifts” in. That has happened.

But not today thank goodness. No, today I found this…..

IMG_9072AI should probably give you a bit of back history to explain the tub and what is in it.

I used to write letters. You do remember letters don’t you? You know, you put pen to paper and move it across the page and make letters that make words. You write what you are doing and have done. And then you send it to some one so that they can know what you are doing and have done.

A revolutionary idea I know in the age of email and txt messaging and instant gratification.

I adore letters. I have all the letters that my Pringle grandparents wrote to each other when they were “courting”. Maybe I will tell you about those some day if you ask really nicely and don’t run screaming into the night, which is always a distinct possibility around here.

So, I love letters. I used to write a lot of letters. And the thing is, usually if you write letters to people they write back to you. Funny how that works. And one thing that I have always done is to save all the letters that family and friends have written to me over the years.

IMG_9075AThat is what is in the tub. All the letters that I have saved since I was a small child.

IMG_9076A And I am going to be spending some concerted time going through them and looking at them, reading them and putting them in some kind of order.

I wish you could see how excited I am at the prospect. I may never come up for air. I may have to give up cooking for a day or two.

I may have to give up cleaning for a time…….hmmmmmm, that might already have happened if the dog hair Hindenburgs that are swirling around the kitchen are any indication.

IMG_9077AAnd I am going to be taking pictures of the whole process so that we can look and discuss.

You knew I would so why would you be surprised.

And I am sure that there might be a blog post or two that comes from it. But for now it is back to looking at and reading and sorting letters from family, letters from friends that I haven’t seen in years, letters from overseas.

Letters, letters, letters.

I miss writing letters.

More on that at another time.  

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  1. My mom saved letters my dad wrote to her when they were courting and apart. My sister got those.

    I got my mom's diaries. I think I got the best bargain. I also have all the letters I wrote her while I was at school as well as all the holiday and birthday cards I sent her. They're stored in her cedar chest with some handmade quilts and dishes.


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