Friday, September 3, 2010

7 Quick Takes (Vol 84)



OK, I saw this last week. It is about 5 minutes long or so but it is worth watching. Who knew a man could jump that high!

Sometimes I am just a walking fashion disaster.

IMG_8613AAnd I probably should tell you that I had on capris with these. No these aren’t socks that I knit. They are generic, from Wally Mart socks. HHBL and I were at a concert with LookLeap and The Tech Guy and I had brought along socks because I knew my feet would get cold.

You just can’t take me anywhere. Tim Gunn would be so ashamed.

This time of year, here in the Frozen Northeast Ohio, the bees are just crabby. There is no other way to put it but they all have their little bee panties in a wad and they are mad at the world. Especially the ground bees.

Do you have those in your area? Well we sure do and I had an encounter of the up close and personal kind last week, Saturday to be exact.

I was doing some weeding the day before the big TCK 1st Anniversary Cookout. Spiffing things up. The bees were all buzzing around in the flowers, I could hear them. And it seemed like there was a lot of bee noise but I didn’t really think too much of it. I bend down to grab a weed……

And I realize that there is a hole in my perennial border. And from that hole is issuing a growing number of very unhappy bees.

Very. Unhappy.


I didn’t know that I could run that fast.

And of course I couldn’t find a single can of bee killing spray anywhere here at Chez Knit so I had to go and buy some.

IMG_8616A Can you see them, there in the center of the picture. They are all DEAD. I stood there and sprayed until I killed them.


The garden is winding down these days. We are still picking tomatoes and there is, amazingly, one eggplant valiantly trying to grow. There are some peppers as well but we will soon be done.

The sad thing to me is to see some of the garden plots where people are not harvesting at all it would seem. The things that they planted have gone to seed, been left in the ground long after they should have been pulled or left to rot on the vine. I would love to pick some of those tomatoes rather than see them go to waste but I don’t because they aren’t my tomatoes to pick.

But it seems there have been others who aren’t so scrupulous about the rules of the garden. Look Leap had an encounter with someone in the garden last week who was harvesting veggies. She had never seen these people before but that isn’t always a surprise. We haven’t met everyone who is gardening. She found out later that these people don’t have a plot and were just “harvesting” because they decided to and not because they had to right to any of the veggies.

I would surely like to have a talk with those people.

TMO has a job!!! A temporary job that lasts only until the end of the year but it is full time and that will help their bottom line. They know that she will be continuing to interview for other jobs but that is fine. It is an NGO that she interned with a year ago so they know her. Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah.

I am going back into boxes that we packed 6 months ago and am eliminating more stuff. It feels so good. I have set myself the goal of looking at a box a day for the time being. Today there are several boxes of “kitchen stuff” that I am going to go through. I cook a lot and I haven’t missed 99% of the things in these boxes. So out they go. I can hardly wait actually. It really feels good to clean out and pare down. The trick is to not bring new stuff into the house. We are doing OK so far. I will keep you posted.

I am taking just a short break until Tuesday so there won’t be a Monday post, or a Saturday one for that matter. Come back on Tuesday when I am sure that I will have my yearly round up of our day at The Great Geauga County Fair. I can already feel my stomach rising up in revolt at the tremendously bad, but decidedly delicious things that I am going to consume. I would bet that there will be onion rings, perhaps gyros, most likely a 4H milkshake and perhaps an Elephant ear thrown into the mix. Who knows.

Have a great Labor Day weekend everyone. And for those on the East Coast I think this video is appropriate for you.


  1. You watch some awfully "unique" videos my friend!

  2. I'm still laughing at the socks, shoes, capri outfit.

    My videos aren't working right now but I'll be back!

  3. I am glad to see that I'm not the only fashion disaster around. :o)

    #3 is wasps yes? See, I love bees passionately. But wasps I can not stand. I love that they got their panties in a bunch. HA!

  4. If you could see me right now in my Target pajamas with a grandma shawl on, you'd rethink your self-proclaimed fashion disaster status. Trust me. :)


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