Monday, August 17, 2009

When Will It Ever End?

I am willing to put up with a lot when it comes to gardening. I overlook the little weeds and only go for the big ones. I can stand the squirrels burying nuts in my yard but this, this is just about the end.
It's the middle of the day! The middle of the day you four legged marauder from the woods. Stay on your own side on the lawn you stinkin', tick infested excuse for a quadraped.
Huh? Were you talking to me?

Why can the rats with hooves deer not eat the other things that are readily available to them. I mean, there are LOTS of green things that are growing in the area.

Why can't they eat this
Or this
Perhaps this
This looks tasty
Of course, the thistle has thorns but I don't mind if the deer eats them.
But instead, the deer have to eat my hosta
and my Hen and Chickens. These are finally reviving after a thorough "grazing"
and my Rudbekia. They clip off the growing plants but once they start to bloom are left alone.

Listen you deer. Go find some other house to raid. There are trees and grass and other people's landscaping. The next door neighbors have LOTS of hosta, go over there!


  1. Naughty deer! Here, it's white fly. Why must the white fly hate me and my garden? Aphids too! It's like I'm living in the midst of a plague!!!!

  2. But oh, they are beautiful as they chomp.


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