Friday, August 21, 2009

7 Quick Takes (Vol 35) The Brother Birthday Addition

Today is Pilot Man's birthday. What number birthday is it you are wondering? Well, I will tell you. Today Pilot Man turns 48 years old. So, in honor of his birthday this is 7 Quick Takes the Brother Birthday addition

Pilot Man was born to drive. When we were little my father went to the local junk yard and got the dashboard of a car which he then mounted on a frame. Pilot Man spent many an hour "behind the wheel". He let me "drive the car" while he got to do all the fun things like change the oil and fill up the gas tank. I date myself because I still remember a time when you didn't fill up your own car with gas, you drove up and someone came out and did that for you AND washed the windshield too.

See, I told you he flies big planes. They don't usually let you into the cockpit otherwise. Pilot Man didn't start out wanting to fly planes but that is definitely what the Lord intended for him to do. My sis-in-law didn't know what to give him for his birthday one year and hit upon the idea of flying lessons. He got behind the wheel of the plane and that was all she wrote.

This is my favorite picture of Pilot Man and I when we were little. Don't know why but it just is. I am surprised that my father got him to hold still long enough to actually take the picture. Pilot Man was always moving.

Nothing says "sibling bonding" more than those awkward fashion moments when you ask yourself, "For the love of Pete what were we thinking?" I have no idea where we are in this picture but I think it may be Florida.

My brother is a man outstanding in his field. Get it? Get it? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA, I crack myself up. Actually he is out standing in his field, because this is one of his fields of corn. He and SIL (The Chef) own a farm as well as all the other things happening in their lives. No slouch he.

Have I mentioned that my brother is multi-talented. Here he is demonstrating the Hand Mic 2000, an early karaoke invention.

And so, little bro, have a wonderfully Happy Birthday!! You are the best brother that a girl could ever have and I LOVE YOU!!!

P.S. In that last picture please ignore the fact that my Barbie's boobies are hanging out. I said boobie, I am sorry. This is a family blog but these things do happen, especially to Barbies it would seem.


  1. I was rolling at "outstanding in his field!" SO funny you are.
    Happy birthday to Pilot man!

  2. Happy Birthday, Uncle Rob! I remember when he used to be able to burp all of our names. Now THAT was funny.

  3. Hey Pilot Man, Happy birthday!
    I just love that last picture of the two of you. So cute.

  4. Awww... Happy birthday, little brother.

  5. OH so funny. I saw the boobies and wondered if you had noticed. that's a great smile he has in that one, too. Great tribute!


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