Thursday, August 6, 2009

Glad I Had Girls

So these are my cousins. They are actually the children of my cousins Heather and Laura. Heather and Laura are brave women because you see.......they have boys.
Oh, don't let the cute little faces and the hugs fool you. They are boys....and boys are loud at times (not that girls aren't mind you, mine can scream with the best of them).....and boys run around at times......and, well you get the picture.

Boys make faces like this:
Or more often like this:

And I am convinced that boys are impervious to pain, that they even like it for the sake of doing something like this:
And he totally misses the raft. We did this little "photo shoot" a bunch of times and every time there was a belly flop and no groaning or whining or weeping ensued. It was all, "Sure Aunt Debbie I will do this painful thing again so that you can get another picture!"

I am glad that I had girls.


  1. When everyone is your house is PMSing at the same time, you're going to wish you had belly-flopping boys!

  2. I have a 9 month old son...I'm scared...

  3. Oh Chelsea the stories that I could tell about PMSing and daughters! HHBL tries to gain sympathy by telling everyone that he is the only male in the family. But I then remind him that the dog is a boy so he is not alone.

  4. You are correct. Girls are a good deal. My ears are still ringing from this weekend, the little devils. Cute devils though.


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