Sunday, August 9, 2009

Walking the 'Hood

I love walking in my neighborhood in the early morning. It is peaceful and quiet. You can hear the birdies singing, you can tell who is doing an early morning load of laundry by the smell of the dryer. There is one house that someone needs to tell the owner to LAY OFF the after shave in the morning. When I walk by he is sometimes getting his paper and I can smell him before I see him. I am all for the use of after shave but when you clear a room, or a street then you are using too much.

The sun is coming up early in the morning, I live on a cul de sac so there are few cars. But wait, what is that??

It is one of those dadgum deer, those rats with hooves, those eaters of my hosta. Look, her eyes are glowing because she is evil, evil, evil.

OHHHHHHHH, and to add insult to injury she is showing me her furry deer butt (sorry, I said the word butt). Is she trying to tell me something?

I had just gotten my self under control when I look up the street and see more venison on the hoof. It is that doe that can't seem to have just one fawn a year. ONE FAWN lady, just one. Not two or, heaven forbid, three fawns like she has done many years. When is someone going to use some of that stimulus money that the government is throwing around to come up with effective deer birth control.

I finally got calmed down again and continued on my walk. This is the "doggie calling pee" rock. When Max goes on walks with me he always has to leave a calling pee here and then give everything a good sniff. Don't you wonder what the messages are. Perhaps something like this, "Hey Max my man, we haven't howled in a while! Give me a bark this week and we will do kibble." Or not.

The sun at your back is every vertically challenged woman's dream. I can be tall and willowy for at least the time it takes me to walk down the street a little ways. Sigh.

And then the sun and the sweat and the deer rage finally got to me. I stood on the street and played my own version of shadow puppets. "Look I'm a tea pot". Either that or I have a deranged goose sitting on my shoulder. After the deer, I wouldn't discount it.


  1. Too funny! I was thinking the goose version.

  2. "Either that or I have a deranged goose sitting on my shoulder." AHHAHHA!! You're so funny. You live in such a beautiful neighborhood. Great photos to look at this Sunday morning. Thanks for sharing!


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