Saturday, August 29, 2009

Delete, Delete, Delete, Delete

In my continuing battle against BIMNISD syndrome (But I Might Need It Some Day!) I have been working today to clean out some pictures from the old hard drive. It is tough let me tell you. My right index finger rebels when I am telling it to click on the "delete from memory vault" button. My internal horder yells, "NO, NO, NO!!!" and the BIMNISD rears it's ugly head. I take a deep breath and prevail.

Bring forth the offending pictures. Consign them to the recycle bin where their pixels can be used for greater purpose. Go forth and take more pictures. Be free little pixels, be free.

These all happen to be from a trip HHBL and I took to Memphis last October. Specifically these are all from the Memphis Zoo.

We all know that I love taking pictures of HHBL. I took three of him standing in front of the entrance. I used one in the scrapbook (and this wasn't it) so why am I keeping this one which is totally uninspiring. Be gone!

Here we are in the Egyptian desert.....What? Oh, you mean this isn't Egypt and I am not Amelia Peabody? This is the Memphis Zoo which for some unknown reason has an Egyptian theme going? And this particular picture has a lovely sun spot on it. But I really like the angle that it was taken at. NO! Be gone!

I took not one, not two but THREE different pictures of this particular sign. I think one was most likely enough. Be gone!

Not sure what I was trying to achieve here. Obviously the polar bear was not cooperating. How wuwde (said in my best Jar Jar Binks voice). Be gone!

I seem to have taken an inordinately large number of picture of giraffe butts (I said butt, I apologize). I believe there were at least 5 in this particular series. Believe me, up close and personal is not what you want to be when you are on the south end of a north bound giraffe. Be gone!

Komodo dragons are not all that lovely. And I took pictures of this thing from every possible angle. Looking at all the pictures I had you would begin to think that we were doing a shoot for a Komodo dragon fashion magazine or perhaps the Komodo dragon issue of Playboy. However, I don't know if this was a boy or a girl. Hmmmmmmm. Be gone!

"Look mommy, those chimpanzees have monkey butts, big red monkey butts." There I go saying the butt word again. Sigh. I think all I need is one picture like this. Be gone!

At first I couldn't even see what this picture was of. Then I realized that I think there are two ostriches in that mass of stuff. I don't need no picture of stinkin' ostriches. They will just put their heads in the sand. Be gone!

BORING! Be gone!

Really boring...and not tremendously appetizing either. Be gone!

My word, I am so bored that I think I need to go and make some coffee to keep the yawns away. Be gone!

This is the last one, I least for this therapy session. I took a gazillion pictures of this pair. They were just lazing around until a group of children walked up. Then these two tigers sat up like someone had rung the dinner bell....and perhaps in the tigers mind they had. Can't you just hear them thinking, "Oh look, appetizers!"

That's all for now with my continuing therapy for BIMNISD syndrome. Have a great day and delete a picture or two....or ten.


  1. You have embarked on a very difficult task. Good luck!

  2. YOu're a better woman than I!
    PS what is it about red monkey butts that children just love to point out to everyone around them?


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