Wednesday, August 12, 2009

MORE Pictures That Crawled Out of the Crypt

Oh, you thought that the last round of this was bad, you ran screaming from the room and crying for Momma. Well, be prepared for more torture. I am always up for a little self humiliation.

And what look, pray tell, would I be trying to achieve here? Awkward would come to mind I am a thinkin'. The bandana look is most becoming. Sort of Gone With the Wind meets Seattle grunge.
I am so hoping that capes were is style in 1971. I think that my grandmother made it for me. Pilot Man's pose is priceless. But the real question is why are we standing by an obviously fake horse.
We are at the beach. Check!
Being at the beach involves sand and water and swim suits. Check!
And there I am in jeans and a jacket standing in the surf.
Body image issues? Check!
Ummmmmm, Mitzi why do you have that paper turkey on your head? And who in heaven's name gave me the idea to wear that fine piece of head gear? Were we at some form of costume party? I won't be able to sleep tonight wondering.
Oh and they let this man drive planes for a living. Actually Pilot Man has always been facinated with cars and driving things. But what is with the hair! OK, I will stop picking on my least for one picture.
This is pretty much how I spent a fair portion of my youth, behind the couch, headphones on, totally zoning out the world and reading a book. Was Grandpa Pringle trying to get my attention through the use of that amazingly LOUD jacket. Purple? Really? And a bow tie in the same color. I am speechless and believe me that doesn't happen very often.
Well, I can tell you exactly where this picture was taken. It is O'Hare Airport and we are obviously waiting to pick someone up and for some unknown reason the sugar fairy has blinded my mother to the fact that I am having a gigantinormous piece of sugar on a stick. I have that thing in a two handed grip and I ain't lettin' go! Mom must be unaware of the vast amount of sugar that I am ingesting, either that or she just wanted to shut me up. Oh, and just as an aside, check out the stovepipe hat that Grandma Amsler is wearing. Channeling her inner Abe Lincoln I am thinking. Hey that rhymes!
I look sooooo happy to be at Grant's Tomb where I can see dead people.
Noooooooooooooo, noooooooooooooooo don't make me go in there. She scares me!!!

Aren't you glad you waited for that picture. I bet Pilot Man is so glad that I posted it. I think that is enough mayhem and agony for one day. Tune in next time as our intrepid self humiliator puts up more snapshots from the saga of her life.


  1. I am sorry, I apologize for this, but just what is up with your hair in that last photo? Male pattern baldness?

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  3. Hehehehehe Chrisknits, I didn't even notice that. I was so busy looking at my brother's look of abject horror and his attempt to imitate a wet noodle.

  4. Fact be known . . . we have some priceless 8mm film of the last picture entitled "The Watery Frolic" contained in the family archives.

  5. Debbie, Honestly! I'm almost just peed my pants. You are so funny and just the BEST way to start my day. This line was my favorite "Channeling her inner Abe Lincoln". HA!
    Thanks for the laugh--I just love your blog.

  6. Thank you Elle Bee, the feeling is mutual. I read your blog all the time!


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