Friday, August 14, 2009

7 Quick Takes (Vol 34)

Yahoo it is Friday again....the start of the weekend.....and time for Quick Takes. Remember to click on the picture to go and see what everyone is doing and thinking etc. etc. and so forth.

To the lady that sat by me in the waiting area of the optometrist's office, STOP FILING YOUR NAILS!!! I am trying to be less "fly off the handle" when people do things that are totally irritating to me. I am really trying but, for the love of Pete woman, you used that emery board for 15 minutes.

Screetch....... Screetch..... Screetch.

Oh for the love of all that's holy (said in my best Irish brogue)! Is there not some more appropriate place to do that than sitting waiting for your husband. Someplace like your own living room perhaps, where no one else is subjected to it.

And then to up the "gross out" level, she would periodically sweep the nail dust from her lap - where it had conveniently fallen as she was driving me insane - onto the floor. Lovely. She finally put the board away but then she started massaging her cuticles. ARGHHHHHHHHH.

Lady, I have pointy sticks in my hand and I am not afraid to use them.

Oh yeah, the perfect way to spend a couple of hours on a sunny summer afternoon. Sitting in the back garden and catching up on some reading. Don't start crabbing at me because, yes, that is coffee that you see and it is the middle of the afternoon. Yes, I remember that I am supposed to not have real coffee in the afternoon because the blood pressure doesn't like it and we don't want me to blow a hole in the top of my head. There was only a little caffeine in it and I needed it. I got up at 4a to watch the Perseid Meteor shower and saw bupkiss. Stop being a party pooper.

I love the blog Awkward Family Photos. I am on the hunt for the "perfect" family photo to submit, someday it will appear. It helps to remind me that there are other families that take less that perfect pictures and live to be immortalized on the 'net. It always brings a giggle to me and I need those these days.

This is my gray hair (with a little wrinkled forehead thrown in for good measure). I claim my gray hair, I embrace my grayness. I cling to my gray hair with tenacity like Hugh Hefner clings to the idea that he is still cool and sexy (too much?). I have EARNED each and every one of them. Dana, who has cut my hair for over 20 years rolls her eyes at me and says, "Wow, I love the way your hair has grown out all curly but.....look at the gray." I say, "You can color my gray hair when you can pry it from my cold, dead fingers!" Viva La Gray Hair!

Have you ever had a time in your life where you just said, "God what are you doing with me???" Have you ever? Well let me tell you that is what I say just about every day at the moment. I am working for HHBL (which I have done before) but I go into work and every day I am down on my knees going, "Lord, I just don't feel adequate for this you know. Like it really isn't in my skill set." And when I told (wrong word to use with the Lord) Him that I wanted to be busy and useful this wasn't what I had in mind.

How can it be that this little person goes off to college next week. A week from today we move Shoe Queen, or as she is sometimes called "Noodle", into the dorm. We will drive away and leave her there to get some more knowledge (I hope). Where has all the time gone.
How quickly she went from this
To this

And here is one more picture from the crypt that somehow escaped notice the other day. It tried to hide itself away, to never come to the light of day. But I have dragged it kicking and screaming into the light. To expose the awkwardness that is.....
Junior High School

Make it stop. PLEASE make it stop. What was I thinking.....or perhaps I wasn't and I can claim ignorance when picking out the bright and sprightly red checked pants. When will the agony and punishment end. NEVAH, nevah, nevah. BWAHAHAHAHAHA.


  1. My hair will look like your hair in 5 years. I'd put money on it.

    Your daughter is beautiful! Seriously. And please tell me where she got that dress.

  2. That blog is hilarious. Thx for the link

  3. Loved #4! My temples are going gray, but all of my friends (who are ten years or more older than me) don't have a single grey hair... that shows. I keep telling my daughter (who is black) that you have to be happy with what God put on your head, so I figure I ought to live with the crazy, sticking out at weird angles grey hairs.

  4. Because I was always in jobs more responsible than my years, my whole life I have wanted to look older. Now, thanks to some gray strands, I do. (But then, I am!)


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