Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Pictures That Crawled Out of the Crypt

So, I had a ton of stuff to do today. There are things that need to be sorted in the basement and transported to the nearest Goodwill and I have a mountain of scrapbooking to do and really I should vacuum. So, I decided to play with pictures instead. As if this post wasn't bad enough, here are some more pictures from the crypt vault.

What could possibly be so horrible as to induce these expressions. Did mom tell us we were having liver for dinner? Pilot Man looks like he is going to cry.

I have no words for this. The pigtails alone make me question my sanity and my fashion sense. What is most distressing is that I have my purse with me and that wrap thing on which makes me think that I am actually GOING SOMEWHERE. Stop me, please stop me.

Here I am in my early Maria from the Sound of Music phase. Grandpa Pringle and I are playing a duet of some kind. And if Pilot Man knew that I was posting this picture of him in those cute little shorts he would probably be sending planes low over my house at disturbingly late hours just to annoy me.

Lord.Have.Mercy. Awkward phase in full swing here. Those are very cool pants that Pilot Man has on. Nice purse Mom.

Here we are practicing for our next performance at Disney. Or more likely the scenario was that we were "asked" to put on these Disney tee-shirts and the rather stunning bowler hats and this was our reaction to that "suggestion". And again, Pilot Man's selection of extremely loud plaid pants must be questioned.

Is this our own twisted version of American Gothic? And what statement am I attempting to convey with the tennis racket? I don't even play tennis! AND I am now convinced that I can do an entire blog post on the wildly printed pants that my brother wore growing up. Interesting thought.

And finally (you thought the agony would never end didn't you) what in the ever loving' heck was I thinking wearing that shirt and those green pants! What is that thing around my neck and why doesn't someone tell me to sit up straight! And even more odd, what is my Grandpa Pringle doing carrying a rather large red purse? It so doesn't go with his outfit.


  1. I LOVE these picture! The 70s were a great time for fashion nightmares--I was just a little girl, but I still cringe at some of the things I was wearing.

    I also love the look of your blog!

    Thanks for visiting my little blog, and for leaving a comment. I don't get many, so I thrive on the ones that are left. Hope you'll come back! :-)

  2. I'm howling. HOWLING. You are one of the funniest writers I have read! What a hoot. I'm lovin' this. On to the next post.


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