Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Gardening Isn't For Whimps!

It has come to light in the past that I love gardening. It is a peaceful thing for me. If there is a gene that is tied to gardening I have it and it came straight from my Grandma and Grandpa Pringle, through my mom (who is an awesome gardener). I find weeding something that helps me when I need something mindless and repetitive. I am wired wrong I know, you don't have to remind me.


Sometimes it is busy around here (I just wrote busty not busy but I changed it. It is also busty around here but that is a subject for another post)...........

And the weeds don't get pulled.........

No this is not Equatorial Africa, it is my back garden. I have been busy so sue me!
You mean this isn't something that should be growing in a well tended garden?
Cue the sinister music and screaming... "Coming to a town near you, the Sedum that ate the garden hose. Be afraid, be very afraid."
And then there are the begonias that I never got around to planting. They seem happy just where they are, still in their little flat.

FINE! I will weed alright! There it is done now are you happy and the following pictures are what the garden looks like when I am being disciplined and going out to weed.

Max was helping with the gardening. He was my fishy breath consultant. But really he isn't much help because he thinks that I should be throwing a stick with him.
When your mother tells you that she is bringing you this very cool sedum that they have growing all over and how it is all healthy and thriving. Tell her NO, NO, NO! Oh yeah, this stuff is healthy alright. Along with roaches it is probably the only thing that will survive a nuclear war. NOTHING kills it and it grows and seeds itself everywhere. Run, run I say!
I love impatiens, they are so easy care, the rats with hooves deer generally don't eat them and thanks to some long ago planting they tend to self sow in the back garden. They start coming up everywhere by the end of July and I will have impatiens all over. They are just happy little plants. I sound like that painter on PBS, Bob Ross, who used to have you paint "happy little trees and clouds." Moving on.....
You never know who or what you might find in the garden. Don't tell my MIL that I put the statue in the garden cuz I don't think that is what she intended for me to do with it. But he looks so nice there....I also have an old toilet as a planter but I won't post a picture of that because this is a family blog. It was free and it looks great despite what HHBL thinks.
I love my toad.
I love my Rudbekia, when the venison on a hoof deer leave it alone.
Deb, stop taking those naughty pictures of bee butts (sorry, I said butt)!
My astilbe is FULL of busy little bees just working, working, working. Cartoon Girl just LOVES bees. She would commune with them all day long. As long as there are about 3 states between her and the bees.
Did I mention how much I hate deer? I did? Well, I just wanted to show you why.
And as we ride into the gardening sunset, let us contemplate another of my favorite plants, my Japanese Painted Fern of which I have several. They are hardy, the marauders from the woods deer don't eat them and they are peaceful. Ahhhhhhh. Don't we all feel better now.

Coming tomorrow - another torturous round of "Pictures that Crawled Out of the Crypt". There are some doozies I will tell you.


  1. I like bees, but only when I don't have to see, hear, or think about them. :D

  2. I wouldn't know what is a weed, and what is a real plant. That's why my garden looks like a chia pet.

    Bob Ross ricks my world.

    I'm not busty. Sort of busy, but not busty.

  3. I think your garden is beautiful! Very nice photos. I enjoyed the glimpse of Max and the toad. Oh, and the Bob Ross reference! I used to watch him on PBS all the time.
    PS There is no bustiness in this house.


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