Monday, April 22, 2013

When In Doubt…Improvise!

I have never been what you would call a traditionalist when it comes to garden landscaping

After all….


I use bedpans for planters….and there might be a toilet planter too.

A garden dilemma had arisen this Spring. A problem. An issue.


My garden does not look like this at the moment, obviously. This was taken in June of last year. See the trellis at the back of the picture. The one that the clematis happily climbs up each year?

It met a sad and unhappy end this past winter. The posts had not been seated in the concrete tubes correctly by the landscaper when it was installed many years ago. Posts that we were ASSURED would stand the test of time.

Don’t get me going on THAT particular landscaper.

The posts were rotten right through. And the first good wind over the winter sent them toppling down. And I have no wish to spend a boat load of moola to have them replaced.



Voila! My stick trellis tower.


And practical!

And in about 6 weeks it will be covered with clematis.

It was a bit chilly yesterday afternoon but totally sunny and I was feeling inspired. So….

2013-04-21 15.51.542013-04-21 15.52.29

I got out my drill. I tromped around in the woods till I found enough dead branches that were about the right circumference. I dragged them onto the driveway. I sawed them to length. I drilled holes and screwed in screws and I set it up. Not a tape measure in sight.


Sure maybe, just maybe the screws are sometimes….a bit on the not quite screwed in side even though I drilled pilot holes for everything.

And it might be a bit wobbly. That is why it is propped up on all sides with nice heave pieces of sand stone that I just happen to have laying around.


Really Alpha! Do you think this is your best work? What would Norm Abrahms say to this?


I think Norm Abrams would say,

GOOD JOB Deb! Way to go with your use of power tools and wood screws.

There was really no time to lose though. The clematis are already up and reaching for something to hang onto.

I like it! My Leaning Tower of Clematis. Come June it is going to look AWESOME.

You just wait and see.

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