Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pimento Cheese–You Know You Need It

I had a breezy Monday kind of post for yesterday….but it just didn’t seem to be the time to post it after all the news coming out of Boston. I will save it for later.

And today it is warm and rainy and I felt the need for something comforting for lunch.

Pimento Cheese sandwich!!! I am not sure why that popped up in my head but once it was there then I had to act on it. And I took a couple of pictures.

But I have to warn you beforehand that they aren’t my best work….I was hurrying…I was hungry. It happens.

My love of Pimento Cheese has been life long. The Mimi used to make sandwiches with pimento cheese spread that came in these little glass jars. Once you were done with the cheese spread the glass jars could be used as little glasses. I still have a bunch of them and use them every day.

But I digress.

Then there was the Pimento Cheese sandwiches that we could get from the cafeteria at Baylor Univ Hospital when I was in nursing school.

The angels sang when I bit into one. It had NOTHING to do with the fact that Baylor is the largest Southern Baptist university in the world.

But Mimi isn’t here at the moment and I am a LONG way from BUNS! so I had to make my own.

I am so sorry but……


I don’t have any measurements for you.

Hmmmm, I think that is LaurenLeap yelling at me from 300 feet down the road. Don’t worry, I will get around to it eventually. But for the rest of you I will just tell you what I do. You can take it from there.

Pimento Chz 5

How hard can a recipe be that has so few ingredients? Don’t answer that! I forgot to put the bottle of Worcestershire sauce in the pictures. Oops.

Pimento Chz 4

Grated cheddar cheese goes into my awesome purple bowl made by my sister in law (the NYC one). I like small pieces of cheese and this was a small batch so I just took my kitchen shears and cut it up a bit more.

Pimento Chz 3

Add chopped up roasted red peppers, the ones that I canned last fall. You chop up however many pieces that you want and dump them in with the cheese.

Oh the color!!

Pimento Chz 2

Put in a dollop of mayo.

Um Deb, that looks like more than a dollop of mayo..

You would be right. I was mayo happy and so I ended up having to grate a bit more cheese to fix the mayo/cheese ratio. Then I added a few drops of Worcestershire sauce, not too much! Then applied a thorough mix.

Pimento Chz 1

I’m thowee, I wath hungwee and I couldenth wait.


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