Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Day 87–A Study in Dog Nose

Day 87 - A Study in Dog Nose

Some days you just need to put up a picture of a dog’s nose.

Now this picture I really do like. But it is also a difficult picture for me because it is a bit on the warm and fuzzy side. I was shooting at high ISO and low light and low shutter speed and on the floor. You do what you can do. But it isn’t totally in sharp and clear focus. And that is OK. But my photographer’s brain, or at least the part of my photographer’s brain that says you always half to follow the rules, well that part of my brain is screaming at me,

This photo isn’t sharp and clear! You cannot use it! Sharpen it! Do something to it! You must not put it out there for everyone to see and judge.

But the other portion of my photographer’s brain, the part that is the eternal hippie, it is saying,

Chill man. Go with the flow. See the beauty. Break the rules.

I am choosing to listen to the laid back portion of my brain and looking for the beauty in the unusual.

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  1. Is it weird that I get it? Some days you just need to put up a picture of a dog's nose. I SO get that.


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