Monday, April 8, 2013

The 2013 Gardening Season Begins

Are you ready!

It’s time for the first Community Garden post of the season. You know you wait for these! I know I do.

Saturday was gorgeous, a bit windy perhaps but gorgeous. So of course LaurenLeap and I had to spend a bit of time in the garden. 4-6-13d4-6-13gI am going to admit something……

LL is more community garden dedicated than I am. I know, that is hard to believe but…..she is. She has already put in a bunch of hours out there re-measuring and re-aligning the garden beds.

Taking over the gardenWe decided at the end of last year that we were going to combine some of the garden beds and take out some of the paths. That gives us extra growing space and heaven knows we need MORE of that. See, longer beds. LL was out there several weeks ago putting in new stakes and measuring. I was not. Oops.

Garlic 4-6

LL was also out in the garden sometime during the winter months to put in some garlic. Yes, I know that garlic can be rather cheaply purchased at the grocery store but you know us, we like to see if we can grow stuff. Just because we can.


It looks like LL is working on the paths but really she isn’t. She is getting the bed ready so that she could plant spinach. I was tasked with weeding and prepping paths. I was the manual labor. Remember, that is because I am a tad more shall we say “free form” in my seed planting placement. I guesstimate sometimes. LL is much more precise. That is why she plants and I weed.


I spend a great deal of time pulling this grass up. It is the enemy and it must be destroyed. But that is very difficult to accomplish because it grows by tendrils under the ground. I might be successful in pulling up the plant, or think I am successful, but if there is any of the root left then the thing will rise again, like The Mummy, and plague us.


I think that is all for now.

And just in case you were wondering, this is what we are planning on growing this year. The list is an evolving one at the moment but this about covers it.

Brussels Sprouts
Tomatoes, both paste and eating
Shallots and garlic
cutting flowers

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  1. I really did lol at your "taking over the world one garden plot at a time" comment.

    Oh and regarding the list ... it's looking good for cantaloupe, butternut and acorn squash too! (I think I found bush varieties.) And I planted radish seeds yesterday, just for the fun of it. But no shallots this year. Didn't get those planted last season.

    Mmmmm, my mouth is watering already for some fresh veggies!


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