Saturday, April 20, 2013

Day 100–Oh Rhubarb How I Love Thee

Day 100 - Rhubarb How I Love Thee

Hurrah!! Hurrah!! The Rhubarb has survived the winter and is happy. A year ago, while LL and I were discussing what we wanted to do in the garden it was floated that perhaps we could dedicate a square of earth to Rhubarb.

And because we are frugal people and didn’t want to actually PAY for plants that we could get for free…..

I had Mimi dig up some starts from her VAST rhubarb patch. No, really, it is vast. She dug, I transported, LL and I planted and watered and babied and watched. I will say that for a time the plants didn’t look too happy. They missed their patch mates. They cried for their plant parents.

There was some concern.

And impatient waiting for the winter to pass.

But there they are……

Rhubarb Coffee Cake here I come!!!


  1. Only someone who experienced rhubarb crisp as a summertime treat (whipped cream or ice cream on top, of course) can truly understand your excitement. lol

  2. Rhubarb and strawberries . . . a Mimi specialty through the years . . . along with rhubarb coffee cake, of course (perhaps you both use the same recipe)


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