Friday, April 19, 2013

7 Quick Takes (Vol 210)


Excuse me! Who said that April could almost be over. I have too many things still to accomplish in this month for it to be almost over.


You know the rules. When you are done digging up the blather weeds in my garden of life you need to click on the picture above to be whisked, at the speed of the vacillations in weather this week here at Chez Knit (83F yesterday…..43F today), over to Camp Patton whose is hosting this week.

April showers bring a boat load of blather.

Can I just say that this week I have been glad that we no longer have cable. With all the breaking news that just keeps coming and coming I would have that darn TV on all the time.

And I wouldn’t get anything done.

Well, maybe some knitting as I cannot stand to just sit and watch the TV without also having my hands employed doing something constructive.

Not that watching endless episodes of “Survivor Man” isn’t productive.

Moving on.

I restarted my massive photo scanning project this week. It isn’t really that I had stopped doing it but I just took about a 6 week break. But now I am back in the scanning mode. Currently I am scanning a boat load of very old pictures that came from my cousin Dorothy.

I will tell you about Dorothy another time perhaps but the scanning of her VERY old photos has been a great deal of fun.

Dorothy 4

I don’t quite remember when Dorothy was born but I am guessing that it was around 1912. Mimi would know.

LaurenLeap and I have been working in the garden, which shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who has been hanging around here. The spinach, radishes and lettuce are just staring to come up. We looked hard at the ground to see if the peas had made an appearance yet. They hadn’t.

And we spent two hours yesterday weeding.

Not that I am competitive or anything but…..our garden looks AWESOME.

My 53 year old body feels the weeding this morning. I would have felt much better today if I had been able to soak the old bones in some Epsom Salts…..but I am out.

Does anyone know where my Epsom Salts went to?

And LaurenLeap thought it would be funny to be spy paparazzi yesterday with her iPhone.

Deb in the garden

Hardee har har har.

I was actually taking a picture of the rhubarb, not the stick that looks like it is in front of me.

But that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been known to take a picture of a stick if it catches my attention.

I am getting a new computer chair this weekend!!!

It is the little things that keep us happy don’t you know.

I have been limping along with Cartoon Girl’s old art chair since I foiled the Computer Chair World Domination plot. The art chair had been functioning as my sewing chair with fair success. But as a computer chair it does a lousy job. It is too high and cannot be put any lower. The seat is too narrow for long sitting in it with my ever expanding bahookee. And I cannot even claim that there is any lumbar support.

So a new chair is in order.


The garter stitch square knitting for the Hamlin Fistula Hospital blankets continues. I thought when I added this to my already full project bag that it might be boring. But darn it I actually like mindlessly knitting away on those mitered squares. Totally autopilot knitting, I don’t even have to look at what I am doing.

The basic pattern for the hospital just has you doing 10x10 inch squares in garter stitch. Now THAT would be boring. And because I cannot leave knitting patterns alone I decided to do mitered squares. But that took a bit of fiddling and I actually had to do MATH.

Shivers in horror.

But now I am whizzing along.

The other thing about this project is the fact that I am using Acrylic yarn. I NEVER thought I would use acrylic yarn again. We all start out using acrylic when we first begin knitting. It is a very forgiving thing and cheap and new knitters don’t know any better.

They don’t know that……

Acrylic is really just a gate way drug for Alpaca…

And Super Wash Merino….

And silk…..

And Qiviut!!!!! I don’t actually OWN any Qiviut as it usually runs around $100/ Very. Small. SKEIN. But I will some day! I don’t have any idea what I will make with it but I will own some.

I actually now LOOK for Acrylic yarn when I am at the thrift store. And my knit sibs gladly give me their old stash.


The Hummingbird feeders are out. I haven’t seen any hummers at the feeder yet although I thought I saw one flitting around earlier in the week. It is right around this time that they start showing up.

I need my Hummingbird fix!!


Of course I can do without the crazy bees.

But I think I took care of THAT problem with shock and awe!

In approximately three weeks we will no longer have ANY progeny in college.

How did that happen? How is it possible that they have gone from this……
Top-298 (rev 0)

To this……

In so short a time!!! I swear it was just yesterday. Where is my machine to turn back time?

On second thought if I turned back time then that would mean we would have to live through their puberty years again.

Those years are  just a remind why Gerbils eat their young.

Never mind.


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