Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Semi-Wordless Wednesday

Jr Hi Akward

Oh a GEM from the archives. I am actually the adorably awkward flutist on the far right. Don’t I look SOOOOOOO happy to be wearing white bell bottom pants and a scratchy wool V-neck sweater with nary a tee shirt underneath.

I am not sure exactly why this photo was taken although I think it was after some sort of Fall band concert. Somewhere in the back of my feeble brain is the thought that I participated in some sort of Flute Ensemble and that we played something that I really never bothered to practice very well.

Or is that just the dream that I had last night?

Never mind.

Can anyone remind me who the other people are in the photo?

I have done a bit of preliminary work on the photo but it still needs some MAJOR help. Just like the flute that I am clutching.

Does anyone need a slightly….ummmmm……


Gemeinhart flute.

It isn’t bent all THAT much. There is just sort of a crease in the flute.

I DIDN’T bend it….that might have happened when TMO was using the flute.

A flute does not do well when it is used as a club on your sister.


  1. I did NOT use it as a club - Bethany sat on it thank you very much. Blame her. And actually it still plays on tune...

  2. Edison Jr. High! Oh, the memories! They were the best of times and the worst of the same time :)


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