Sunday, April 7, 2013

Day 91–Sentinel 2

Day 91 - Sentinal 2

There is something that you need to know about me. At age 53 I have learned that I don’t have to follow the rules as written, that some rules are made be broken once you know what the rules actually are. That is why I have LaurenLeap actually plant the seeds in the garden. She follows the rules and the seeds come up all happy. I am like all WHAT THE HECK! JUST PUT THOSE SEEDS IN THE GROUND! THEY WILL GROW!

I do that all the time when I cook. Recipes are like rules of the road in Peru, they are optional. Good guidelines but not always necessary to be followed strictly. This isn’t always the case, as a broken batch of homemade mayo will attest, but sometimes.

Case in point, this photo. Looks like I took it at dusk doesn’t it? Nope, middle of the afternoon. I happened to be standing on the deck, looking at the trees, in fact looking at one of my favorite trees. It stands very close to the deck and in the summer it provides me with lovely shade. Of course, being an oak tree, in the fall it throws acorns at my head. But we still get along. 

I stood as close as I could to the trunk, made sure that the sun was behind the tree and snapped the picture. But then I decided that it was sort of boring once I sent it into “post production”. And because I shoot mostly in RAW and have full control over everything I decided to change the White Balance to……Fluorescent.

Oh now THAT gave an interesting effect. Tree much darker, sky with lovely colors. Now we are getting somewhere. A bit more tweaking with the brightness, contrast, a bit of fiddling with the color curves and a bit of saturation brush and VOILA!

The Sentinel at dusk.

Man I love photography.


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