Thursday, April 4, 2013

Day 88–Water Tower

Day 88 - Water Tower

OK, I didn’t actually take this picture today. I took it on Saturday when I spent a whopping hour in downtown Chicago. Shoe Queen, TMO, The Professor (soon to be Shoe Queen’s MiL) and I all took the 6:57a train into the city to go and look at wedding dresses.

Yes, I said the 6:57a train….on a Saturday morning…..when I hadn’t had too much sleep because HHBL had….


Been “driving the porcelain bus” for most of the night. Poor guy!

But I digress.

We took the 6:57a train in, Starbucks coffee in hand and once we arrived at the station we walked another TWO miles to get to the store.


On a Saturday morning.

But we love Shoe Queen so we managed. And on our power striding down Michigan Ave we got to pass by one of my favorite places in the Windy City, The Water Tower.

For some reason I just love this picture.

And by the way, it was taken with the trusty iPhone. I tweaked the curves a bit today but the basic picture was none too shabby.


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