Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Little Nuggets of Goodness

MMMMMMMMMMMM, good. Doesn’t that morsel of yumminess, accompanied by Elixir in the Tumbling Bears mug, look yummy.

Yes, there is a recipe……..

But today you have to work for it.

In order to know about these little nuggets of goodness called Cinnamon Butter Puffs, you have to go over to ……

Taking On Magazines One Recipe at a Time because that is where you will find me today, guest blogging for my friend The Mom Chef. The Mom Chef and I have known each other a long time. I am not telling you how long but I will tell you that her parents and my parents have been friends for just about as long as I have been alive. And we know how old I am.

So zip on over there and take a look at the recipe and the blog. I love her blog by the way. I drool every day over the recipes.


  1. Ugggh, you're killing me with the little puff of heaven. I CAN resist carbs, I CAN resist carbs...

  2. I wonder what drool will do to my keyboard....

  3. Ooooooh man, you're KILLING my diet!! I'm not going to be able to stop myself from baking these! You're evil, you do know that don't you?

    (Btw, nice blog on your friend's site. 17 comments and counting too! Impressive! I hope you gain some new followers.)

  4. I've already asked my mom to babysit as soon as I get the all clear for sugar after the baby is born. Then I can bake these.

    PS. those bears totally look naughty.

  5. I LOVE that recipe! I haven't made it in years, so I will pop on over to your friend's site to snag the recipe! Thanks Debbie!


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