Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What’s In My Bag

Do you ever wonder what is in other people’s purse/handbag/brief case/messenger bag/whatever.

I do.

I would love it if all bags were open to me and I could rummage around to my heart’s content. Can you imagine the hours and hours of fun that could be had. The things that you would find out.

Purses, especially change purses, can be dangerous. My Auntie Jane let me play with her change purse while we were sitting at a Billy Graham crusade many years ago. We were in a large building….there was a concrete floor…..and at just the appropriate silent point….I dropped the purse and change.

I was scarred for life.

Where am I going with this you ask? I am meandering but I do have a point. A dull and deeply disturbing point but a point.

I am going to let you see what is in my purse.


Now don’t be scared. Don’t run away screaming. Embrace the fear. Look deep into the purse and see, little grasshopper, what might be lurking there.

I took the pictures because I wanted to post them in the Flickr group Whats in your bag. The pictures absolutely fascinate me and I can’t stay away.

Seriously, how do some of these people with like three things in their purse or bag survive in life. Do they have to rely on the kindness of strangers for a kleenex or the basics of life.

I just couldn’t do it…….as you will see.

IMG_8378A So as of 2:30p on Tuesday August 18th this is what was contained in my purse. I had to stand on the step ladder to get a good aerial view. Lets look close shall we.

IMG_8379A I live by the phone, I die by the phone. It is just a basic phone. No bells and whistles. No internet or wifi. But I couldn’t do without him. The ibrick sitting right next to “Red” is a useful tool sort of. It is HHBL’s cast off iphone. The wifi no longer works and obviously it isn’t an iphone anymore but it still is very handy indeed.

IMG_8382A Just in case I need to file, cut or stab something. You laugh but more than once someone was astounded when I pulled out a small utility knife and opened something up. I bet I could do basic surgery.

Anyone up for me to try?


IMG_8383A One can never have enough pens. I have a particular fondness for Sharpie pens.

IMG_8384A I am a bear of very little brain and I need a small recorder so that I can record the things that pop up in my brain when I am driving around. It has saved my bacon more than once.

IMG_8386I also have this little thing so that I can write things down when the car is not in drive. I love the lime green color. It makes me happy.

IMG_8385Hello, never go anywhere without a camera. You never know what you might see. 

IMG_8388 You never know when you might need to measure something. I love this thing.

IMG_8391 Oh I love Maglight flashlights. I have several and I can’t seem to keep myself from buying more. They are so heavy and sturdy and dependable.

IMG_8390Hello I live in the Frozen Northeast Ohio. Carmex, especially cherry flavor, is the balm that soothes my savaged lips. HHBL appreciates it.

IMG_8387  And of course my super duper cool reading glasses. The progeny LOVE when I wear them.

So know that I have bared all so to speak, what’s in your bag?

Come on you can tell me. We are friends. I won’t tell anyone.



  1. Oh wow! I'm a minimalist where my purse is concerned so what is in yours absolutely fascinates me! lol!

  2. I guess I didn't answer your question. My purse has a wallet, checkbook, a cell phone, a comb and mirror, some tissues, a really small Swiss army knife, and Altoid Smalls (peppermint flavor).

  3. Cindy and I are much alike. I have my wallet, Listerine spray, a feminine thingy, receipts from the grocery store, disposable flossing sticks, my keys and Avon cinnamon-flavored lip balm. I usually carry my cell phone in my pocket when I'm out and about because I put it on vibrate so I won't irritate the masses (Stevie Ray Vaughan being my ring tone and all).

  4. I have a wallet; license, insurance card for me and for the car, 2 credit cards, a car wash loyalty card, some cash, some change, 1 checkbook and 3 different bank deposit slips. A pair of reading glasses, a clip of 10 business cards, an ink pen, a leatherbound note book, a paperback book, a small digital camera.

    I only take my purse when I'm going to the grocery or church. Usually I put my license, a credit card, a $20 bill in my bra and my cell in the pocket of my shorts and go.

  5. Good Lord how big is your purse?! I think it's a mom thing. I'm totally one of those people with like 3 things in the purse.

    the tape measure made me laugh- my mom always has one in her purse to.

    I did notice that during the weekend of taking care of the kids that there were things I definitely could have used.. and my 2 shades of red lipstick were not one of them.

  6. I posted mine some time back. I think I have finally met someone who carries around more junk than I.


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