Thursday, August 5, 2010

20 Things You Should Know

I am in a reflective mood today. I apologize in advance for this but I am hoping that if you are here it is because you want to be and that you will love me no matter what I say…

You will won’t you?

1. I value my sleep. I live for bedtime and when 10p rolls around I had better be in bed or heads will roll. Ask HHBL if you don’t believe me. I roll up my sidewalks at 9:30p and if you make me stay up later I am a crank the next morning. Beware.

2. I love the sound of train “whistles”. I hear one and I am just happy deep inside.

3. I love chocolate cake baked from a box with white frosting from a can. I am sorry but there it is. And if you pair that with your morning cup of Joe. Heaven.

4. I suffer from a severe and I am afraid incurable case of Bibliographic Obesity. This translates into shelves full of books, or rather right now boxes full of books since this happened around here. This dread disease also extends to my Nook ereader as I scour the internet for free books and download books from the library. I cannot seem to stop.

And perhaps I don’t want to.

5. I love staying at home all day for days on end. I am never bored and the possibilities are endless. Now if I could just do this while wearing my pj’s it might be perfect. But I just have to get dressed. It is a flaw in my character I am sure.

6. I do not like swimming in the ocean. Jaws scarred me and scared me for life.

7. I love Musicals. In fact, I might just watch one today if I am so inclined. What is better than “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers” or perhaps “The King and I”.

8. Perfect Day? Rain all day, nothing to do but have a cup of tea and read or knit or both.

9. Until just recently I couldn’t stand to walk barefoot anywhere. It gave me the heebie jeebies, even in my own house. I am working to conquer this odd phobia, in fact I am without foot wear even as I write this. But I am still not going to walk in the grass because…….we have a dog. Got the picture.

10. Anything with banana flavoring makes me gag. I can eat a regular banana occasionally but not often. Blech!

11. Organizing things calms me down.

12. When I take on something new or want to learn something new it is sometimes all consuming. I don’t like not knowing something. And when I am in the midst of this all else fades to the background.

Case in point, I was zooming along on this post but then got caught up with playing with some new software on my computer relating to #4 on this list. The next time I looked up an hour had past and I was deep into figuring things out.

13. I get claustrophobic in large crowds. I. HATE. LARGE. CROWDS. I would guess that I am never going to be in Times Square on New Years Eve. I would rather have a root canal.

14. I like to stick my face in the freezer section at the grocery store. I just try not to let anyone see me do it.

15. I love the smells in foreign countries. Even the bad ones. I also love the sounds in foreign countries.

16. The smell of old library books is like catnip to me.

17. I could watch “The Hunt for Red October” every day.

18. If I could eat only one thing for the rest of my life it would be good bread with butter and homemade jam. I remember that was the best part about breakfast in England, Germany, France, Mexico and Peru. Fresh bread for breakfast.

I am now hungry. I think I will have just that as I have three loaves of freshly baked bread in the kitchen and I mad Peach Blueberry jam yesterday.

19. I hate to exercise. But I do it because I have to. I think the “runner’s high” is a myth perpetrated on us by athletic shoe manufacturers. 

20. I can wiggle my ears. It is an awesome party game skill.


  1. I love your #8! ME TOO! Well, maybe not the knitting but just cuz I don't know how. Scrapbooking, watching a movie, padding around in socks and making coffee, getting lost in a good book, all the while rain, rain, rain.

  2. I love this post. And, we are SUCH kindred spirits. I lost track of how many times I thought, "Yup. Me too."

  3. Actually...runner's high does exist. A state of euphoria just washes over your body. I have felt it many times ~ generally at the end of my runs. I'm thinking it may happen with me because my body is so glad I stopped running. ;)


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