Monday, August 23, 2010

Hip Hip Hoorah!

Saturday was Pilot Man’s birthday. His 49th if truth be told. That means that he is the younger brother. And I try to remind him of that whenever possible. It is the old sibling’s prerogative.

This happy day happened to coincide with Shoe Queen’s move back to her place of higher learning. So it was a chance to get together and move her back into the dorm AND have a family get together. We are a real multitasking kind of family.

IMG_8456AThe birthday boy.

IMG_8461A Where the family gathers there also is food……lots of food.

IMG_8462A  Deviled eggs. Oh how I love these. And they also happen to be Pilot Man’s favorite. 

IMG_8464A Of course a lovely Cab Sav goes with Baked Potatoes with all the fixings including BBQ’s mystery meat. Delicious.

So what if it was only noon on a Saturday. It was wine o’clock somewhere.

IMG_8466AThe aftermath.

IMG_8477 And of course, there needs to be cake. And it really needs to be chocolate. Double Yum.

IMG_8481AKids and spouses March 1984 Rob, Jana, Deb, Dan 21 Aug 2010  #1 We haven’t changed a bit!


  1. Love the before and after ~ you really haven't changed all that much. Only better with fine wine. :)

  2. Boy those deviled eggs look good. I've got 18 eggs in the fridge and am going to the store Monday. I may just make a dozen into deviled eggs this afternoon.

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  4. Y'all are cute as ever! I hope your deviled eggs recipe is coming soon. Maybe you should write a cookbook... :)


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