Monday, August 2, 2010

Oh The Joy

So, remember last Friday I mentioned that I was going to have the opportunity to be “second photographer” at a wedding…..


I was quaking in my boots?

Well, it is Monday and that means that Saturday has come and gone. And it was an absolute blast. And I am so grateful to Erika for asking me to do this because it was a joy to meet her family and to see the wedding and the joy therein.

How about we look at a few pictures. And I mean just a few because if we looked at even half the pictures that I took then we would be here a long, long, time.

Because I took 720 pictures. I think I am just going to let the pictures speak for themselves for the most part.
You know I can’t be totally silent.

IMG_7503A  IMG_7567IMG_7598A                           Subhuman, why are you invading my space and my peace. Go away.
That isn’t really what Sophie said. He was a nice cat. And yes, Sophie is a he. It is too long of a story to tell here. He seems to be weathering the humiliation without difficulty.

IMG_7620A IMG_7655B IMG_7691A IMG_7761
IMG_7757A IMG_7804A IMG_7863 
IMG_7885I am sorry but I was distracted by these shoes. All I can say is that they were entirely awesome. She also had brought along a pair in lime green because she couldn’t decide which to wear.
IMG_8058IMG_8096AIMG_8099A The lovely lady on the right happens to be my Knit Sib Erika. Maker of amazing things. Sister’s wedding planner extraordinaire. And a WAY better photographer than I am let me tell you.

Can I do this again. PLEASE!!!! This was just the most awesome thing and I want to do it again and again and again.

It is a thought you know.


  1. The bride is beautiful, but I think it's just proof that women shouldn't have flower girls at their weddings. That little one peeking around the drapes stole the show.

    Outstanding job, Deb. The photos are gorgeous. Sophie's eyes are an amazing color.

  2. You did such a good job! Such unique perspective and great captured moments! I love the dress hung in the window with the backlighting. I thought it really added to the ethereal quality of that gorgeous dress. SIGH. I love weddings.

  3. Beautiful pictures! I agree with the comment about the flower girl--too precious.

  4. Right off the bat, I LOVE three in particular. The bride laughing while she was being buttoned up (love angle of the mirror in the background!), the bride being touched up by her bridesmaids (beautiful!) and the mother/daughter shot with them right next to each other (priceless!) Your pictures are a wonderful blend of both candid and traditional shots!

  5. Wonderful job Debbie! You have some really great captures posted here. I shot a wedding years ago...back in the day of film. I haven't had the privilege of doing another since the digital age came along. Perhaps some day! :)

  6. I can not thank you enough for capturing the many amazing images of my sister's wedding. They really bring back the spirit of the day - which is great because it flew by so fast. You have a gift!


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