Saturday, August 28, 2010

Cucumbers Was All I Really Needed.

I just needed some cucumbers. That is all. Remember that I had an epic cucumber failure this year in the garden.




And I like pickles and wanted to make some. And for pickles you often, although not always, need cucumbers. So, I figured I would get them at one of our local farmers markets of which we have many.

IMG_8596A Lovely pickling cucumbers just waiting to be put into a brine and then canned, although not today.

Cucumbers were all I needed…….

IMG_8612AAnd then I saw these lovely little fingerling potatoes, organic thankyouverymuch, and knew that they needed to come home with me and be made into something. They called out to my with their potato siren song and I couldn’t resist.

IMG_8606A  And then there was the Edamame which I have only had once. But I was intrigued as we gazed at each other across the produce table. And so they came home with me too.

IMG_8608A Aren’t these the most outrageous looking things. It almost seems a shame to cook them and then only eat the beans inside, which is what you do. But if you have ever tried to eat the pod of the edamame then you will understand. The first time I had edamame it was not a success because I didn’t know that you only eat the beans and not the pods. I couldn’t figure out what anyone would want to ingest something that had the consistency of old hay.

I am slow sometimes.

IMG_8602A And then I was enticed by the local artisan goat cheese. I have had this stuff before and it is…….

it is……..

addicitive. So totally addictive. And because I bought it now I have to make some crispy cracker bread to go with it. Because, it just screams out for crispy cracker bread.

Can you hear it?

And then I ran back to my car before I bought anymore of the things that were at the market that were calling me. The tomatoes, the green beans. Heck even the eggplant (which I don’t like) were looking good to me.

But all I really needed were the cucumbers.

You just can’t take me anywhere.


  1. Ahhhhhhh.....someone who shops exactly like me when they visit the farmer's market. Who can resist all those wonderful veggies calling out to you!! :)

  2. I go to the Farmer's Market for some strawberries and a few peaches and next think you know I've dropped more there than I did at Trader Joe's! Luckily I'm far enough away from a Farmer's Market to make this a regular habit. :)

  3. What fun stuff! I don't even know what edamame IS, much less that you have to take it out of the pod!

  4. lovely pictures


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